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by , Dec 7, 2007 | 11:32 am

In this week’s episode:

Kahnawake & Golden Palace Plead Guilty……

After years of issuing online gaming licenses, the Kahnawake Mohawk Tribe (and their client Golden Palace Casino) suddenly find themselves pleading guilty to online gambling charges in Canada? What gives?

What kind of affect will this have on our industry? And what was the outcome of the guilty plea?

More Dirt from Lil’ Bobby Goodlatte…

Bob Goodlatte is so so so much smarter than anyone else (insert eye roll here)… When he found out APCW was exposing his bare butt about his “gifts” from the horse racing industry, Bobby tried to hide them. Poor Bobby… guess what we found.

The Loss of a Legend…

Poker legend and all-around good guy Chip Reese passed away at his home in Las Vegas this week. The APCW would like to extend our heartfelt sympathy to his family, and to our brotherhood of poker players all over who, like us, feel this great loss.

J.Todd needs your help!

Well, some think J. Todd needs a lot of help! LOL! But seriously, he has been nominated by the Casino Affiliate Programs for “Best Overall Affiliate” for 2007. Ain’t that cool?

J. Todd has faithfully brought you Perspectives Weekly for more than a year now, and never missed a week for vacation or sickness, and now all he asks of you is your vote!

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10 Comments to “Perspectives Weekly”

  1. DanM

    Great episode, J. Am shaking my head at the Kahnawake situation, er, shakedown. Makes me want to start shooting people. You know, just for fun.

    And the Goodlatte investigation — perfect. But what will it take for his voters to see what a skillful, unprincipled political scumbag he is? Makes me want to hire a male hooker to accost him in a bathroom. Good times.

  2. AmyC

    The Kahnawake’s were not charged, arrested, nor pled guilty. The case against Cyber World Group actually stemmed from the fact that the idiots set up an office in downtown Montreal, which pissed off the Quebec provincial government. It had nothing to do with Kahnawake operations or jurisdiction. I think we can stand down the “cowboys vs internet indians” alert. The original source of this story was CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company) and they just didn’t do their homework. The rest of us poker media just picked it up like lemmings (and yes I lemming’ed the story as well and had to print a correction).

  3. Chuck Barnett

    I can’t add much more to what Amy said, other than to say she, “nailed it on the head”.

    While the internet is truly a blessing as a source for culling up-to-date news and information on practically anything, it also creates an environment where it is far too easy for any idiot with a keyboard and an AOL account to yell “Fire” in a crowded theatre. With that in mind, I would ask for everyone concerned to please collect and compose themselves.

    We, the Mohawks of Kahnawake are not now, nor are we planning on going anywhere soon.

    If you are unaware as to who we are, I strongly suggest picking up a book and making your own assessment. You will most assuredly find that we have faced far greater challenges in our time.

    This particular battle however, is not ours to fight.

    I hope these words may put you at ease.

    Chuck Barnett
    Board of Supervisors,
    Mohawk Internet Technologies
    Kahnawake Mohawk Territory

  4. J. Todd

    Mr. Barnett,

    It’s great to see a representative of the Mohawk come out so boldly and publicly. Our show goes out to amny thousands of players around the world and… as I’m sure you may have noticed… a majority of them will not pay much attention to who licenses their favorite online gaming sites. Most webmasters, however, are very aware of Kahnawake.

    We do report what the respected news sources in our industry collectively are say, and attempt to go beyond the headlines to delve into the real truth of the matter. As such, I would like to formally invite you or another Tribal Representative to a phone interview that I could air on next weeks show so that the statements of the Tribe are given as much exposure as possible.

    If interested, please comment back on this blog or email me and we can proceed.

    Thank you so much,


  5. Chuck Barnett

    Good Day,

    I appreciate your offer and will give it consideration.

    I believe that players should actually take the time to consider where a particular site is hosted and more importantly, regulated before entering the “door” to their favorite online gaming site. Rather than simply placing their faith blindly in the expectation that the games made available are fair, and that should they win that the wager will be honored, it is important that they conduct themselves as “Educated Consumers” when considering the regulatory status of the sites they visit.

    As a matter of language, I would add that the Mohawk people are regarded as a “Nation”, a people sharing a common language, ancestry, culture and political systems. The English word “tribe” refers to society in its most primitive form. As the proginators of the advanced democratic concepts and systems currently in place amongst most “nations” in the western world, the term “tribe” is inappropriate.

    In short, tribes do not make treaties with Nations…Nations make treaties with Nations.

    Words are a powerful tool, not just a vehicle for the conveyance of thoughts, concepts and ideas, but they are the light under which people view their world, as well as the people that inhabit that world.

    You have my contact coordinates on file, should you ever wish to reach me for additional comment or explanation in any future item regarding this, or any other matter relating to the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory.

    Tho Niiawennake.

    These are my words.

    Chuck Barnett
    Board of Supervisors,
    Mohawk Internet Technologies
    Kahnawake Mohawk Territory

  6. J. Todd

    There was no intent to imply the Mohawk were in any way “primitive” by my use of the word “tribe”. Where I live now there are three reservations near my home, and each refers to themselves as a tribe… Tribal Gaming, Tribal Land, Tribal Law and Police, etc…

    I have also heard them correctly refer to themselves as “Nations”, and as such they should have certain rights. What I don’t understand is how here in the United States, the State of Washington has entered into treaty with these Native Nations… as by US Law only other nations can do so… and the states are not nations.

    Here’s another good question for you… and I am totally serious and mean no disrespect… but as an independent Nation, could the Mohawk run a brothel (if they really wanted to) that was on your land and accessable to the people of Montreal? Could they grow and sell marijuana at “coffee houses” (like in Amsterdam) on Mohawk land if they chose to do so? I am very curious as to how the Canadian government would react to something like that. I would think that you could do those things if you really wanted to, but would it be a good idea?

    In addition to the invitation I extended to you for an interview on the webcast, we also have a live web radio show we do every Tuesday nite for an hour, and that reaches about 5,000… if you’re interested. =0)

  7. Chuck Barnett

    Good Day,

    I will not profess to be an expert in the use of the English language, as it has many complexities and nuances in both its written and spoken forms which I do not always fully understand, but I will attempt to provide a very short explanation from my understanding of your language.

    It begins with the use of the word “state”, or as you have provided, “State”.

    While both words sound identical in their spoken form, a State (note the capital “S”) is a self-governing political entity. The term State can be used interchangeably with country. Example: Germany is a State.

    A “state” (with a lower-case “s”) is usually a division of a federal State (such as the states of the United States of America) and not regarded as a soverign, nor empowered to enter into treaties.

    Nations are culturally homogeneous groups of people, larger than a single tribe or community, which share a common language, institutions, religion, and historical experience.

    When a nation of people have a State or country of their own, it is called a nation-state.
    (Example: Japan, France, etc…)

    Given its multicultural composition, the United States of America cannot be classified as either “Nation” or “state”.

    Those people of a particular Nation who casually adopt the use of the word, “tribe” with which to describe themselves without fully understanding the meaning of the word (I can assure you, they are not interchangable in meaning, despite their usage in pop culture) commit a disservice to themselves. However, words are potent tools in shaping public policy, which is why so much effort is committed to their careful crafting in the process of drafting legislation.

    If an external authority carefully refers to your people as a tribe and you come to regard yourselves as little more than “society in its most primitive form” (without fully understanding which is being implied) then THAT is exactly how they will regard you, as a subordinate.

    I hope this provides some clarity.

    Moving forward, in light of your most recent response regarding the unsavory commercial undertakings that you have proposed, it is clear to me that our affairs are finished here.

    These are my last words in this matter.

    Good Day to you, Sir.

    Chuck Barnett
    Board of Supervisors,
    Mohawk Internet Technologies
    Kahnawake Mohawk Territory

  8. J. Todd


    Just when you think you are communicating productively with someone… BAM!

    The “unsavory commercial undertakings” you refer to were my way of letting you speak to a huge audience… an audience you seem to be reaching out to on this blog. There was nothing commercial about it… I was simply trying to give the Mohawk a front-and-center position on my stage to tell their side of the story in their own words… that’s the most I could offer and the best is I could do.

    I also find it bizzare and breathtakingly arrogant that a people who derive an income from a $8,800,000 a year from issuing GAMBLING licenses ($20,000 each times 440 clients) would have the nerve to call what I offered them commercial. But don’t worry, we will still cover this story next week… along with what was said here.

    I’m glad those were your “last words” on the matter. Before you speak again, maybe look into having that the chip on your shoulder removed.

  9. DanM

    Wow, J. Todd … causin’ trouble! I thought this was a copacetic discussion … even right down to the finer nuances of political linguistics — it seemed like we were all working toward mutual understanding … so much so that I decided not to bring up the corporate nature of the WinStar “tribe” in Oklahoma just for the sake of argument.

    BTW, I really was curious to see the answers to your brothel/pot-house questions, as it would have been enlightening on how the relationships between the U.S., Canada, and “Indian” nations work.

    But now it occurs to me that the Kahnawake probably have a vested interest in not seeing all the poker legislation currently being considered here pass … and perhaps herein lies the animosity.

  10. J. Todd

    Hi Dan…

    Yea, I was really trying to work with them, and was totally sincere about letting them have a chance to set the record straight.

    I dunno what I did or said that was so wrong and offensive to this gentleman, but it seems to me that he had already made up his mind that I was the enemy. And, as you alluded to, maybe I unknowingly am.

    Oh, well, I tried. You really can’t please everyone, as they say.. =)