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by , Dec 14, 2007 | 4:14 am

In this week’s episode:

Close Call in Canada…
Boy did we get lucky this week! There was a bill before the Canadian Senate that would have amended key wording in their gambling law… and changing those words could have brought about sweeping changes to online gambling, much like UIGEA did in the US.

The Kahnawake Don’t Like the APCW…
Last week, after the Canadian Broadcast Company incorrectly reported that the Kahnawake Mohawk had plead guilty to online gambling charges, the APCW made them an offer: Come on Perspectives Weekly and set the record straight. They refused… and you’ll never believe why!

More from the Congressional Hearings…
For over a year now, the US Department of Justice and the FBI have been telling the American citizens that playing at online casinos was illegal under Federal Law. Over that same year, the APCW has been telling Americans that’s a lie… that there is no law that prohibits playing at online casinos. Now, the truth comes out.

And J.Todd still needs your help!

Click the link below to visit the CAP Awards page, then scroll to the very bottom where it says “Best Overall Affiliate” and vote for “Integrity”… that’s the handle J.Todd uses over there! Vote for “Integrity” under “Best Overall Affiliate”! Join the Fight!

3 Comments to “Perspectives Weekly”

  1. Eric Rosenberg

    Hey J. Todd,

    I’m your biggest fan, but I worry about what using copyrighted music without permission does to your credability. Also, your videos are undoubtedly making a lot of enemies. I would hate to see one of them use this against you.

    There is a lot of royalty free production music available. I know that “St. Elbos Fire” isn’t always the best thing, when “St. Elmos Fire” is what you wanted, but it keeps you from getting sued, fined, or jailed.

    Keep fighting!


  2. J. Todd

    Hi ya, Eric…

    Thanks for your comments and concerns. Your points on our use of copyrighted music are not without merrit… and we’ve been concerned about this issue ourselves for some time. In fact, we even purchased four songs of our own not long ago, but have yet to put them to use.

    Our viewers really seem to like that our music changes every week. And, to be honest, we really enjoy having fresh songs for every show. We do not profit from the music we use, we don’t play the entire song, and we don’t use the same songs over and over… but we know that NONE OF THAT REALLY MATTERS in the end… so…

    Perhaps you’re right and it’s time we go to our own music. I don’t think using copyrighted music hurts our reputation so much, but it could be a pain-in-the-butt at some point.

  3. Dan M

    I know we run into similar issues with our outros on Beyond The Table. (Tom Schneider owns all rights to the intro song we use, so no problem there.) As for now, we look forward to getting big enough that it causes trouble some day, at which point the plan is to claim, oops, sorry, we didn’t know.