Poker algebra: POY=ABC

by , Dec 22, 2007 | 5:23 pm

In this Cardplayer interview with Russ ‘Dutch’ Boyd, Dutch tell how A-B-C and predictable the 2007 WSOP Player of the Year is at the poker table. (That’s our own Tom Schneider for those of you with normal lives) Bad read Dutch, bad read (eyes rolling).

12 Comments to “Poker algebra: POY=ABC”

  1. TBR

    Nice post, BR. Beat me by a few minutes. I was giggling all day about Dutch’s comment–wow, what a goofball. Good thing that thick-skinned Tom won’t think twice about it.

  2. Alicia

    Wow… I had heard he was a douche bag, but that article confirms it. Too bad… in the world of smelly fat poker players, he’s pretty hot

  3. California Jen

    Despite what he said about Tom, I’ve actually gotten to know Dutch over the past year and found him to be quite a nice guy. He’s been improving his game and his life, trying to stay on a positive track.

    I’m not defending what he said, just giving him some benefit of the doubt.

  4. DanM

    ***Tom Schneider has been having a really good year, but I have played with him before, so I know that he plays ABC poker. He is kind of predictable, because he doesn’t ever get out of line. Schneider is a solid player, but I knew that going in; that makes him easier to read than some of these Internet players who do crazy s— with any two cards.***

    I dunno. I think I’ve heard Julie say something similar (minus the “doesn’t ever get out of line” part).

  5. Tom Schneider

    I do think it’s funny that saying someone plays ABC is almost as bad as saying that a housewife is just a surface cleaner.

    My word, I’ve never been so insulted in my life. Next thing you know he’ll be saying that he’s seen me wearing the same clothes to consecutive parties.

    Let the war of words begin.

  6. Lisa

    Happy Birthday Tom!

  7. Tom Schneider

    Thank you Lisa. Most people like you do see the Christ-like resemblance…well maybe not Chris Ferguson, but most other people.

  8. Lisa

    Aren’t we supposed to see Christ in everyone?

  9. Robert Goldfarb

    George W Bush sees it I’m sure.

  10. Lisa

    Anyone else worried that Robert had that link readily available?

  11. Ed

    Looks to me like he just loves rubbing on smooth heads.

  12. Tom Schneider

    I think Lisa and Robert ought to get together.