RE: R.I.P. Chip Reese (2)

by , Dec 5, 2007 | 7:20 pm

Funeral services are set for Friday, December 7th at 2pm. This will take place at Palm Mortuary – 6701 North Jones Boulevard in Las Vegas. (Thanks to Michael Craig for the heads-up.)

There may also be a public memorial service of some sort held at the Bellagio next week, but no plans are confirmed at this time.

The Associated Press reports that not only was Chip home when he passed away, but his 18-year old son found him. Reese is survived by that son, Casey, as well as his 16-year old daughter Taylor, and a step-daughter (believed to be in her twenties) Brittney.

For some thoughts from Barry Greenstein, visit his audio blog on He reflects a bit on his memories of Chip, some of Chip’s great qualities, and the wake-up call that his death should be for many people in the poker world to take better care of themselves.

UPDATE: In lieu of flowers or other gifts of condolence, the Reese family has asked that friends contribute to the Alzheimer’s Association in Chip’s name.

11 Comments to “RE: R.I.P. Chip Reese (2)”


    RIP Chip. Too bad it wasn’t Phil instead.

  2. Poker Fan

    Freehollowbooks, that was totally uncalled for and out of line. It isn’t respectful to wish ill of someone while paying respects to the dead.

    RIP Chip.

  3. DanM

    Indeed. Call me a baby blogger, but I disabled your shill-link as a result. It was the least I could do.

    Frankly, I don’t see a need to insta-respect the dead … after all, you can’t libel the dead … but c’mon dude, wishing death is bad karma, man! A poker player named Chip has died — just like every other poker player will — so let’s keep the comments to discussion of his life, whether the good or potentially bad of it. And maybe whether or not the rest of us should quit smoking and start working out as a result.

  4. Mitch


    I liked your style! A real class act!!!

    My Best to your Family!

    Mitch –

  5. California Jen

    Definitely bad karma to wish anyone dead.

    Dan’s right; this is about Chip Reese. Be sad if you need to, but don’t be hateful.

  6. Poker Fan

    When you wish for someone to Rest In Peace, that’s paying your respects and is not “insta-respecting”. I took issue when in the same breath you RIP someone and wishing death to someone else. This is about Chip, not Hellmuth. It’s just not proper to do that, regardless of what your personal beliefs are.

  7. lefty

    Man, what are you people saying “RIP” for? First, you act as if Chip could hear you. Second, you act as if maybe he’s not ‘resting in peace’ already! Do you think his body will start suddenly moving around if you don’t say “RIP”??

  8. California Jen

    Saying R.I.P. is a tradition. It’s a wish for the person who died. It expresses our feelings instead of saying nothing at all.

  9. getpokerskills

    Reese, whose birth name was David, appeared to have died of a heart attack after learning he had pneumonia the same day.

  10. California Jen

    Getpokerskills, where did you hear about a heart attack? I haven’t read any confirmation of that anywhere.

  11. getpokerskills

    Hi jen,

    Still not had confirmation yet myself but I read about the heart attack in the New york Times sports page here

    If you have any confirmation on the actual causes of death please let us know.