Searching for Poker

by , Dec 17, 2007 | 10:45 am

Bluff reports that “poker” was still the number one search phrase on Lycos for 2007 — and suggests it’s proof that poker’s popularity is hardly in decline. They fail to mention, however, that no one has used Lycos for search purposes since 2005.

The Top 10, according to a site that may or may not still exist doesn’t even acknowledge the relevance of Lindsay Lohan, Facebook, or the UFC:

1) Poker
2) MySpace
3) Britney Spears
4) Paris Hilton
5) Golf
6) YouTube
7) Naruto
8) Disney
9) Pokemon
10) WWE

I guess this means Iraq isn’t such a big deal anymore either.

2 Comments to “Searching for Poker”

  1. Karridy

    Warms my heart. And WTF is Naruto? Pokemon are still popular? Dan, did you check the ranking of Beanie Babies before your pre-vegas liquidation yard sale?

  2. Ed

    Naruto is yet another kids cartoon from Japan. Yes, the Pokemon craze is still going strong.