Where in the World is Dan?

by , Dec 1, 2007 | 1:01 am

For those of you not on MySpace (who are you?), here’s a bulletin that I spotted tonight from one Pokerati Dan.

Swagalicious! Yard Sale Tomorrow (Dallas)

Hi Friends,

As you may or may not know, I am moving to Las Vegas … and like the implosion of the Kingdome, Danang, the legendary Batface home game venue, is closing.

Thus now is the time to get rid of too many years of accumulated shizznit. I’ll be having a yard sale tomorrow, Saturday, at 4906 Victor St., Dallas, 75214. Please stop by if you’d like to rummage through my life and take home a little piece of it for pennies on the dollar.

Some of the items for sale include:

Pachinko Machine
Copag Cards
Kem Cards
Crappy non-Kem/Copag Cards
Picture Frames
Cofffee Tables
Coffee Makers
A Corduroy Suit
Pleather Recliner
File Cabinets
Old Modems
Greg Raymer Bobblehead
Ridiculous amounts of Full Tilt paraphernalia
Foos Ball Table

Ahh, good times at La Casa de Dan y Sang. By the way, I’m also looking for a little help moving the big items to the front yard before East Dallas’ vast legally questionable (but politically palpable) immigrant population descends at sunrise. So if you happen to be in the neighborhood around 5 a.m., please stop by!

In appreciation, you will be welcome to the liquor of your choice from all the bottles that didn’t fit on the moving truck today. That’s not a joke — we really have lots of leftover booze … leave no vodka behind!

P.S. The porn belonged to Sang, too, in case that makes a difference.

This explains quite a bit – Dan’s virtual absence from Pokerati over the past week, his error-filled post about Tom Schneider, and Full Tilt’s ad on Craigslist for missing paraphernalia. Just one request if you’re reading this, Dan… Please post a photo of yourself in the corduroy suit.

12 Comments to “Where in the World is Dan?”

  1. Robert Goldfarb


    Wish I was there to help. Oh, wait ill be out of town that day. I forgot, I don’t even live in Dallas…but don’t worry, if I did I would be out of town.

    See ya in Vegas.

  2. Uncle Ray

    The real question is does ChezDanVegas have room for an Uncle (and Aunt)?

    You should have let the news out sooner about the yard sale. We could have detoured on our way back from Vegas and helped with the sale. If there is one thing Aunt Sue likes almost as much as buying stuff it’s selling stuff.

  3. michele lewis

    Exciting stuff Dan, keep us in the know.

  4. FlacoJake

    Porn, booze, and cards for sale?? Sounds like life is over!

  5. Mom Michalski

    Say, California Jen, I just might have a picture of Dan in that black corduroy suit. If I can find it in an album, I will post it for all to see.

  6. DanM


  7. Ed

    Anything left, Dan? Wanted to stop by on the way to Tyler but we were running a bit behind and got stuck in traffic on 75 right before Lemmon due to some lady that hit the cement divider.

  8. DanM

    There is indeed. In fact, we’re goin’ for Day 2 in a matter of hours. In fact, we’re turning off the modem in a matter of minutes (and my funky little phone-modem tether is broken). Most of the poker stuff is gone, but not all.

    Speaking of … highlights of Day 1 include:

    Selling two chairs that may or may not have been mine to sell for $20 … only later to learn they were worth more than $400.

    Haggling with an elderly, tough-as-nails Mexican lady … she countered my initial price of $60 for a couch (reduced from $90) with “Thirty dolares!” I balked, we went back and forth, and in the end somehow agreed on $20.

    Getting a fake check for $400 (and a promise of $600 cash later) from a very large girl (whose fly was down) saying she wanted “to buy everything!”

    And the corduroy suit was stolen. Seriously. Oh, also, one sale was transacted blackberry-to-blackjack via Paypal. That was extra fun.

  9. California Jen

    Mom Michalski – Oh please, post the photo. Seriously.

    Dan – We need to discuss Bargaining 101. And selling things that aren’t yours? You must have dipped into that liquor that was left over after packing. Please get some sleep before you go for Day 2.

  10. Poker Shrink

    Wait Stop! The Las Vegas City Council passed a resolution late last night banning all further immigration from Texas.

  11. DanM

    You know, even if she does find said photo, I’m not so sure Mom Michalski knows the html necessary to post a photo. (Phew!) Though she is the new webmistress for this site … so perhaps I shouldn’t be challenging her. She also doesn’t seem receptive to my notion that she needs a nickname, like Mominem.

  12. Charles Williams

    Oh Dan, I’d be glad to help Mama Michalski put up any potentially embarrassing pictures of you, and even host them for her too!

    Good luck in Vegas…


    FYI, my email is fatboy@fatboymagazine.com just in case said photographs show up…