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by , Jan 29, 2008 | 8:45 pm

Prof. Charles Nesson, of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society, on The Colbert Report, bringing the plight of online poker to the people:

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  1. California Jen

    Colbert is hilarious.

    Presidential candidates playing poker would be priceless.

    Republicans: Huckabee would be the Jerry Yang of it all, praying to God for help. Romney may invoke a little Mormon religion of his own and use his breaks to comb his hair. McCain would be the slowest player; the others would have to call the clock on him every time. And Giuliani would fold his way out of the race. Ron Paul would win for the Republicans and have a large cheering section to celebrate with.

    Democrats: Clinton would have to consult with her husband on every hand. Edwards would play too tight and be blinded off while staying out of the way of Clinton-Obama showdowns. Obama would play a tight-aggressive game, and with his previous poker experience, would be the favorite to win.

    (Yes, I’m avoiding other work by doing this sad analysis.)

  2. DanM

    Jen, we are always here for you — and anyone, really — when looking to avoid work.

    (But, by the way, I gotta think McCain can play.)

  3. DanZ

    McCain would never last in a casino. All the Vietnamese players would send him down PTSD lane in about fifteen seconds.

  4. Rebecca

    online poker
    is such a beautiful game where you can have lots of fun and entertainment.The person who raises good hands at right time will always win the pot.

  5. Dan Z

    Can’t that be said of any poker game to a certain degree?

  6. Ed

    That is some weird comment spam…but i guess if it gets a click or two it did the trick.

  7. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Who else thinks Timothy Leary when seeing Prof. Nesson?