It’s a Tommy Tuesday! Crap, Tom is Out
Spoiler Alert

by , Jan 22, 2008 | 5:09 pm

Well shoot … I was hoping we could spend our day watching Tom Schneider take down the $7,500 main event at the WSOP-circuit in Tunica. But while checking my facts, finding some links, and watching the Bluff-mag video coverage at … I discovered that Tom has been eliminated — 8th place … paying $39k. Congrats, Tom! Seriously, we know you’re bummed … but remember, you did almost as well as people expected of you!

Here’s the hand that knocked him out, from PokerListings:

Tom Schneider is out eighth after a stellar play by Ryan Young checking a straight twice. The action was a battle of the blinds as Young limped from the small blind and Schneider checked his option.

The flop came [cards]10s 4h 9c[/cards] and both players checked. The [cards]Jd[/cards] hit on the turn and Young checked, as did Schneider. It turned out the river was a great card for Young as the [cards]9d[/cards] fell and he checked again. Schneider made it $40k and Young came over the top, putting Tom all-in for his tournament life. He made the call felting [cards]Kd 9s[/cards] for the rivered trips, but was done in by Young’s slyly played [cards]Qs 8c[/cards] for the turned straight.

Schneider cashes $38,928.

Ouch, while typing, I just saw Tom’s elimination. That had to hurt.

You can watch the rest of the semi-live action on internet video here, as six-and-a-half players are still competing for the $428k first prize (on a 1-hour delay).

Or click below to see the semi-ironic post I was working on before Tom got eliminated:

As you may or may not know, Tom Schneider is at another final table — the $5,000 WSOP-Circuit main event in Tunica. He’s TK in chips, and the most accomplished of all the players remaining. (TK started, making for a prize ranging from TK to TK.) Pokerati is extremely confident that our high-stakes homeboy and occasional blogger will finish in at least seventh place. Maybe 6th. First, of course, is theoretically possible, as it is for everyone at the table.

Not a bad way to start 2008.

And not only will you be able to follow the action via PokerListings, but also Bluff will be broadcasting video of this final table on an hour delay. Click here to watch. Cards in the air at noon central.

6 Comments to “It’s a Tommy Tuesday! Crap, Tom is Out
Spoiler Alert

  1. Kevin Mathers


    Not a fan of Pokernews? They’re usually better in terms of live reporting. Also, if you’re still watching the live coverage, don’t you think you could do a much better job than Nick Geber?


  2. DanM

    You know, I actually got confused over Pokernews’ coverage on vs. Poker Listings … not the reporting proper, but where what was where. I got the attribution wrong, in fact, when I first posted, and then swapped in the P-listings hand report because I thought it did a better job of capturing Tom’s walking into his own death by hanging.

    Tournament coverage is hard.

    But yes, for the sake of the readers, here is the link to PokerNews’ live updates as well:

    As to Nick Geber’s announcing … um, uh, let’s just say I think he has far more experience broadcasting soccer than I do, and I respect him for that.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    I don’t think he broadcasts soccer, he just talks about it.

    I’d think that if Bluff wants to cover these things, you’d hope they spend some money on it. It’s just such a low product value, and the lack of showing the board, river cards, etc. isn’t good.


  4. Kevin Mathers

    Guess they just broke some news about there being no Sequesteterium (sp) for the 2008 WSOP as well as doing 40 events (probably no stud events).

  5. California Jen

    I typically prefer the PokerListings coverage, though I do check out PokerNews when they have reporters like Pauly and Change100 on the scene.

  6. DanM

    Nick used to co-host the Fox Football Fone-in. So I guess he wasn’t broadcasting games per se … but he did put in some valuable camera-hours giving analysis of them.

    But hey, Kevmath, if you can hook up the gig, I might be interested.