Moment of Silence?

by , Jan 17, 2008 | 10:48 am

The poker recessions/squeeze continues to show its reality face … podcast junkies have probably already noticed that Hold’em Radio is down. But is it done? We’ll see. I saw Wade, the HER chief, at Binion’s just yesterday … he was chit-chatting with some people during one of the daily tournaments there … but there was no broadcasting going on, and no signage left up on their studio/booth in the Binion’s poker room.

For all its problems with audio quality, Hold’em Radio was first when it came to giving poker ramblers a home for their voices. Beyond the Table got its start there, as did Lou Krieger’s Keep Flopping Aces. While the BTT crew has been independent for about a year and will presumably stay that way, other passionate podcasters may likely follow in Lou’s footsteps and defect to Rounders Radio. I’ll be personally curious to hear the difference. Because while we’ve enjoyed doing BTT on our own, can’t say that we have fully mastered the audio process yet. Just last week we recorded probably the funniest “Angry Julie” segment in audio history … only we didn’t. I mean the new software said it was recording, but …

Internet radio is hard!

11 Comments to “Moment of Silence?”

  1. Halford2004


    Yes Holdem Radio site has been down. The radio has been streaming via a temp source.. The Reason for this is that Holdem Radio is going thru a total revamp. Holdem Radio will be all new and Improved. the new site should be launching VERY soon maybe even in the next 24 – 48 hours. It will even have a new URL. A new format and all. I’m sure some folks will regret moving on to other media sources, but you know what they say the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Actually the open time slots they now have is a blessing being there are some New shows that needed a home.

    I will Post again once it’s Time to announce the new URL…
    Holdem Radio in the past was on the cutting edge of internet Poker radio and it will be there again Very shortly !!!!

  2. Len McRiddle

    I have been following this very closely, and firmly believe that HER will be back very soon. Wade has a great thing going there, and the people that really follow HER are some of the best folks in poker. I certainly would not count HER out.

  3. Dot

    I have always been a found supporter of HR. I will be there for the new and improved HR. I know that the new site will be as cutting edge as the old site. I think the player’s are some of the best on the net. I look forward to a new chapter.

  4. Halford2004

    I know My Opinion is skewed. But I personally can’t wait for the Relaunch of the web site and the new format I have seen some thing and the changes will be great for the Pirates and all the new members that will be joining HR…. The current membership is the best on the net and I’m sure once the launch happens it will only get better.. AAARRRGGG !!!!

  5. Bundas

    The New and Improved HR with ROCK.. I cant wait for the new format and all the really cool thing that will be comming in 2008 and beyond !! Go HR Pirates!

  6. Short-Stacked Shamus

    This is good news . . . those in the know, be sure to pass along the new URL.

  7. Len McRiddle

    For the forum and chat.

    For the radio show, copy and paste int o WMP or iTunes etc.

  8. Bundas

    Here is the Forum Link

    Chat room link

    And Main page will be back up as soon as all the content has been uploaded

  9. Assistanc3
    says: is in full operation

  10. Rod Knapp

    is holdem radio web site down as we speak

  11. DanM

    seem like it. they could be back though … they go through this once or twice a year, it seems, and it is tax week, so …