New (to me) Laws

by , Jan 29, 2008 | 8:09 am

As Pokerati slowly but surely gets settled in to our new Las Vegas digs, we’ve started thinking about the next Pokerati Invitational … and specifically how to keep it legal. Kinda funny, but that was pretty easy to do in Texas … just throw a tourney with no entry fee or any other sort of rake and it was all good — whether it was held at Adam’s house, the Lodge, Sadler & Carter, or the Platinum Room. Dealer tips and money that was taken out of the prize pool to be put back in in the form of a medieval battle helmet trophy or fancy sandwiches … well that may have been legally questionable … but we somehow managed to stay clean as I threw an event once a year for all my best poker friends/clients/colleagues and anyone else’s butt that may have needed kissing. Good times!

Anyhow, I’m trying to figure out what’s possible here in Nevada, where all things “gaming” seem to be heavily regulated. Like can I throw my own event, at a house, if I so choose? With my own dealers? Or if I go to a casino, do I have to take an entry fee?

These questions are semi-rhetorical for now, as I study up on how things work in the Silver State … where as far as I can tell it is still illegal to play online. (Who knew?!? I thought they changed that law, but apparently not. I was kicking ass on Full Tilt just yesterday!) You know what has me shaking my head is how I made a conscious choice way back when to ditch the Dallas underground in favor of the online world. Shortly thereafter, my bosses at PartyPoker were deemed serious criminals if they didn’t get out of Dodge by sundown. So now in an attempt to go totally legit, I have come to Las Vegas, where, heck, just about everything is legal … and lo and behold, there’s still a lot of gray areas — not to mention people who live and work in them.

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  1. zachdealer



  2. AlCantHang

    Did you really just use the royal “we”?

    Keep me in the loop for a pokerati tournament, even if it’s no longer held at the Lodge.

  3. DanM

    I’m sorry. I meant “Wii.”

  4. 85nutz

    I’ve got a Nevada gaming license, can we use that to make it legal?

  5. Poker Shrink

    Dan you are missing a critical element in your reasoning, that being enforcement. If you have noticed the police blotters out here are not filled with late night poker busts. Hotel bombings and defacing neon signs are about all that gets attention in the City that Never Seeps.

  6. DanM

    Fair enough, but considering that I would want to post pictures on Pokerati and tell all about it, I’d rather do it right, ya know?

  7. maudie

    darn… can’t just whip down I-35 for the PI!

    ps: the link to in the blogroll over there is in error. not that i pay attention to those things – only noticed it ‘cuz this reply box is right next to it….

  8. DanM

    Maudie, when did you change? Don’t tell me it was pre-Raymer!

  9. Jason

    Maybe someone from Joisey can smack me down for being an idiot, but I am fairly certain online poker is illegal there, too.

    Yes, keep me posted on the PI as well. I had so much fun donking off my stack last year that I can’t wait to do it again. Maybe it should be during the WSOP when everyone is already in town?