The Roof Is On Fire… Again

by , Jan 29, 2008 | 7:21 pm

Earlier today in Mashantucket, Connecticut, a fire broke out on the roof of the Grand Cedar Hotel at the Foxwoods Resort Casino. The entire 312-room hotel was evacuated, along with the attached casino, and no one was injured.

The Associated Press is reporting that the fire started in a mechanical equipment room near the roof.

This occurs less than a week from the Monte Carlo roof fire.

Conspiracy theory, anyone?

5 Comments to “The Roof Is On Fire… Again”

  1. Bobby

    I was working at Foxwoods during the fire. I would like it to be known by all, that at no time did Foxwoods alert either the employees or the patrons on any of the gaming floors that operate table games. Let me repeat, that there was a fire within the complex that lasted for hours and required the assistance of many surrounding fire stations. No fire alarm was ever sounded on the gaming floor! No warning was issued over the P.A. system! No patrons or employees at these table games were even notified much less evacuated from the building! We only became aware of the fire as it was reported on the televisions in our break areas. When our supervisors called the security department at around 1:30 to ask about the fire, security had been instructed to inform all callers that, “there is no fire at Foxwoods.” We could have all been killed! This borders on criminal neglect! I would like an investigation as to why Foxwoods was allowed to gamble with the lives of hundreds if not thousands of people?

  2. Press

    Love to chat with you about this issue….425-4241

  3. DanM

    I am really having a hard time understanding these regions of the world that don’t use area codes. No wonder their casinos burn down.

  4. Ed

    I think if you are SMALL enough you only need one area code.


  5. Tim

    Conspircy, The Monte Carlo is owned by MGM.
    The Evacuation procedure was not enforced either, the just directed people to other portions of the complex