Ultimate Bet Pulled into Absolute Cheating Scandal
Hellmuth Denies Using Steroids

by , Jan 15, 2008 | 2:34 pm

Now Ultimate Bet, sister site to Absolute Poker, is under intense scrutiny from the intelligentsia at 2+2 … who seem to be looking — and finding — semi-mathematical proof of another “superuser” account. (Thanks, Enrique, for the heads-up.) Click above to read the thread.

At first it appeared that UB Pro Phil Hellmuth was already speaking out on the matter — but emails supposedly from Hellmuth were quickly discovered to be a hoax. However … that has since led to a real, unofficial response from Phil, shared second-hand from a presumably respectable poster named trambopoline:

Anyways after tracking down Phil at the tables I finally got a hold of him, this time for real. I just got off the phone wiht him after speaking with him for well over an hour. He informed me that he understands I made an honest mistake and totally forgives me, and even informed me to post that he said so. We went over the accounts in question and I got to say, he was very suspicous to say the least. . He informed me that UB has already started an investigation and that info should be released within the next few weeks.

Hmmm … developing …

3 Comments to “Ultimate Bet Pulled into Absolute Cheating Scandal
Hellmuth Denies Using Steroids

  1. California Jen

    If these allegations have any validity, I think there will need to be some solid proof via hand analysis, etc. and confirmation of suspicious activity by well-respected online pros.

    The forums are jammed with people saying that online poker is rigged, people were cheated, and so on. For every truthful, solid post, there are thousands of idiotic posts to wade through.

    I won’t believe it until someone with a good reputation in the community comes forward with some proof.

  2. brian

    listen donk i beleave trambo hes a respected player ub and absolute fkn blow and all u fkn cheaters out there in the online poker world youll get what comming 2 u in the live games btchs any time anyday at foxwoods or atlantic city btchs in the live games u have to get out from your computers and play a real game of cards u fkn losers i hate all cheaters any 1 caught cheating should get there ass kicked and trust me theres plenty of em in teh online poker world.gotta love america bunch of fkn crooks in this country well george bush u fkn cock sucka burn in hell btch

  3. Dan M

    I think we have a finalist for best comment of the week!