Unpeeling the Absolute Onion

by , Jan 12, 2008 | 1:44 am

We know that some head-honchos at Absolute Poker cheated at their own game, thereby stealing money from their players. Upon being unequivocally exposed, they have tried to apologize and make right … as if a carjacker who gets caught could also get off the hook by simply saying, “Oops, sorry about that … my bad,” and returning the stolen property.

Yet for some reason, thousands of real-money-players are still in action at Absolute. Hey, I know you! You’re that guy who stole my car! Thanks so much for giving it back. So wow … you’re a valet parker now. OK, here are my keys. But whatever … maybe the numbers have something to do with all the ad dollars being happily accepted by the poker news sites and print publications that supposedly insist on limiting their coverage to “what’s good for poker.”

Sorry, am getting off track. Personal rant against the machine. So yes, Absolute Poker scandal … California Jen has been covering it for Poker Player Newspaper, and she appeared on Lou Krieger‘s Keep Flopping Aces last night to discuss developments. I’m listening to it now … and it’s a pretty good show — especially when they get an unexpected call from Chuck Barnett, who you may remember is on the Board of Supervisors for Mohawk Internet Technologies / Kahnawake Territory. He engages Jen and Lou with all sorts of good information on the make-up of the ongoing investigation, a little bit of what they are uncovering, and some insight into who are the true owners of Absolute Poker.

Click here to listen to the show.

“Is it Joe Norton?” Kreiger asks directly at one point. And indeed it is. Apparently Norton is the sole owner of Tokwiro Enterprises, which owns Absolute … and perhaps like Dick Cheney is to Halliburton, Norton is also a former Grand Chief of the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. To be honest, I’m not sure what all these connections mean … but I’m pretty sure they are not “good for poker.”

3 Comments to “Unpeeling the Absolute Onion”

  1. TBR

    I have to agree with Dan here. There seems to be an abundance of checking, re-checking, double-checking, rules and regs., fines, etc. That’s all well and good if it weren’t, to borrow Dan’s analogy, the carjacker’s mother that’s laying down the hammer. Give me a break. Does Bellagio police it’s poker room? or MGM Mirage for that matter? Hell no, the Nevada Gaming Commission does.

  2. DanM

    ***I have to agree with Dan here. ***

    It’s painful, isn’t it, TBR?

  3. The Pokerkeep

    Great podcast! Lou asked the right questions. In response to Jen saying no one seems to know who really owns Absolute poker…

    Jen mentions “Absolute Entertainment” very early in the podcast – look into this further if you want to unpeel the onion! I’m pretty confident the AP ownership question can be answered with enough digging. Jen may want to do an investigation on the ownership structure and the American (Scott Tom) connection and why they would use a Canadian Mohawk Chief (Norton) as a figurehead owner… UIGA comes to mind!
    Norton owns Tokewiro which owns Absolute Poker. Shell company?
    Who owns “Absolute Entertainment”? Not Norton! Absolute Poker and Absolute Entertainment are not the same company!
    Where does the real money come from?
    Where does it go?

    Joe Norton – owns Tokwiro/AP – also is Chief of Mohawk Territory and if you dig a little I’m sure you will find a definite conflict of interest if he does indeed own AP. Look into his relationship with KGC.

    Absolute Poker and the KGC owe us transparency on this issue, do you really think it will ever happen?