White House Poker

by , Jan 9, 2008 | 8:50 pm

One of the most poker-friendly Congresspeople (Shelley Berkley, D-NV) has come out today endorsing Hillary Clinton for President, even though the Senator doesn’t play poker. Just an FYI for those of you who care about a world beyond the rails.

Duly noted. PokerPages wants you to vote for Barack Obama, though they are pretty much saying the same thing as iGamingBusiness.com. I’m still sticking with Ron Paul (R-TX) … a guy with lots of MySpace friends who spoke out against the UIGEA and all it represents way back in the day:

UPDATE: Gambling 911 for Ron Paul.

6 Comments to “White House Poker”

  1. California Jen

    Gotta love Ron Paul! He makes so much sense…

    If I wasn’t such a liberal Democrat, I’d consider casting my vote for him. Can’t do it, but I’m so glad that Ron Paul is out there saying what he’s saying.

  2. DanM

    Oh, I didn’t say I was voting for him. I just said I was supporting him. It’s far too early to make a go-to-the-polls commitment. We don’t even know what the weather’s gonna be like.

  3. Jim

    If you support, but can’t vote for a man with such conviction and commonsense, because you are a Liberal Democrat, then are you just another one of the minions that are a ” useful idiot ” to the power brokers in Washington? Re-think your stance,don’t become ( maybe you already have )obsequious. Ron Paul brings a breath of fresh air to a long lost value in America, and that is the idea that we have freedoms. Freedoms that the were given to us by the Constitution. Keep voting Republican or Democrat ( Conservatism and Liberalism is all the same. ) and you will continue to see you freedoms sapped by power hungry politicians. If you value freedom, vote Libertarian or Ron Paul. Become a thinker again.

  4. California Jen

    Wow, Jim, you’ve suggested that I’m a minion and a useful idiot. That certainly makes me want to have a conversation with you and take your words seriously. *sigh*

    The reason I’ll vote for a Democrat is because there are certain values that I hold dear that Ron Paul doesn’t hit home for me. In the end, I see eye-to-eye with the Democrats on more issues than Ron, though I sincerely admire some of his views and his courage. And on the Democratic side of the fence, I identify most with Kucinich, but he can’t get elected and probably won’t even be a factor in the primaries by the time I vote in California.

    Being a thinker is one thing, but being a realistic thinker is another.

  5. Jim

    It was the comment you made ” If I wasn’t such a liberal Democrat, I’d consider casting my vote for him. Can’t do it, but I’m so glad that Ron Paul is out there saying what he’s saying “.

    I have known died in the wool Democrats and Republicans all my life, that say things such as that. I am, a Democrat or a Rebublican. Let’s not become, ( you or I ) useful idiots to the establishment. Think Libertarian and get away from the label Liberal or Conservative, neither of which are good for America. If you are a Kucinch fan, but can’t vote for him because you are realistic, then once again, it is who is the lessor of the two evils, or who is good for me. Ron Paul and or Libetarian views are decided by the individual and not a government entity who has no interest in you as a person. Jen, I am not calling you anything…these candidates are looking for people and banking on the loyal. We have to SHAKE it up, in order for them to WAKE up

  6. Andrew Hime

    I have a hard time taking anyone seriously if they don’t believe in evolution.