One-Stop Event Shopping

by , Feb 21, 2008 | 7:16 pm

Lou Krieger mentioned this, and I just checked it out and bookmarked it.

iPokerCal is a new website that lists all things poker – internet tournaments, live tournaments and events, and televised poker. It looks to be a comprehensive listing of everything going on in the poker biz, including a page of poker room reviews that will surely be growing as the site expands.

4 Comments to “One-Stop Event Shopping”

  1. Kendall

    I think the website is a great resource. I especially like the offline tournament schedule since there are so many tournaments happening everywhere its hard to keep track of the latest live tournaments.

  2. 85nutz

    I agree I like the tournament schedule but I was dissappointed with the poker room reviews. I was looking for reviews of off-line rooms not just online.

  3. Susana


    Thanks for your comments regarding ipokercal, they help us to improve the site
    If you would like to send me some reviews about offline rooms i would be happy to include them in the site

  4. DanM

    you can find all the brick-and-mortar reviews at that’s where i tend to go.