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by , Feb 29, 2008 | 2:50 pm

Damn, with all the poker media showing up, I gotta be wondering how on earth everyone’s fitting in. The entire tournament room at Caesar’s Palace is taken for the NBC Heads-up Poker Championship stage … though probably less than 20 percent of that spacious area is allotted for actual seats and non-gaming tables.

Check it out: I shot this last night, around midnight, after the drawing party at Pure:


Dealers, chip runners, and cocktail waitresses were all talking about what a madhouse it was gonna be today. The action was kinda amped up. Though no one tried to make much of it, Jason Alexander had slipped away after the drawing party to play a little 2/5 NLH.

According to the other players at that table, he reportedly bought in for $300 and then rebought a couple times and was up and down but not wildly so and one guy with the big stacks got lucky on the river and George Costanza was really nice he cashed out with $300 yeah he had to be even … “Even Steven!” no one said. Thursday nights always seem good at your solid poker-room mainstays such as Caesar’s … the drinky weekend fun is just getting started, but it’s not all raucous-out-of-hand yet. I had to wait about 15 minutes for a 1/3 seat … and indeed, found the action to be soft and good.

Recovering from four small-to-medium losses in a row (while embarking on a conscious quest to book five consecutive plus sessions), I banked my first win in a new series of five and posted my best time-to-earnings ratio to date … which had me briefly employed at $836/hr.

Buy-in: $200
Cash out: $1,461

(Ahh, those were the Clinton years good ole days.)

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