Jonathan Little Booted from Full Tilt

by , Mar 5, 2008 | 4:46 pm

Jonathan Little’s most recent accomplishment was making the “Elite 8” in the NBC Heads-Up Championship, scoring a $75k payday before being slapped by eventual winner and Full Tilt honcho Chris Ferguson.

While account-sharing is hardly the worst offense when it comes to poker ethics, it is in violation of Full Tilt T&C’s for their pros. So Little, who’s FT stock was on the rise, is now out. Stupid kid Yo, bummer dude.

Confirmed by Full Tilt here.

When a player on Full Tilt Poker plays against and chats with a red pro on the site, it is imperative that they be able to trust that it is really the advertised pro playing the account. Given that Mr. Little violated that trust, we have decided to sever his ties to the site, and close his account.

The first well-known pro to get busted for online account-sharing was Phil Hellmuth (outed here, and confronted about it here).

After that, Howard Lederer reportedly sent out a memo to all the Full Tilt pros letting them know that if they ever did something similar, they would be canned immediately. Little wasn’t part of the team when that went down, so maybe he didn’t embrace the seriousness that Full Tilt places on its integrity. Gotta wonder if these sorts of indiscretions will occur more regularly as Full Tilt continues to sign up more and more pros. Also wonder how long Little’s FT page will stay up online.

Brick-and-mortar tournament success here.

6 Comments to “Jonathan Little Booted from Full Tilt”

  1. California Jen

    Ummm, common sense, please!

    By following anything poker-related, it’s hard to miss the fact that some online sites are monitoring for multi-accounting and similar activities. And when a site puts their name on a person and asks that person to be a representative of its name in public, that site is going to monitor what that rep is up to.

    Little violated one of the most discussed rules in online poker, and he got booted. Rightly so.

    I hope it was worth it for him to let his buddies (or whoever) play on his big-time FTP account. I’m sure his boys think he’s the coolest. But many others in the poker community will just lump him in with the group of young, inexperienced, immature kids playing poker these days who can’t control themselves or conduct themselves with class.

    This kid looked so conceited after his first WPT final table but seemed to regret it and semi-apologize for his words back then. Just when it seemed that his reputation in the poker community might be on the repair, he gets caught doing something stupid.


  2. DanM

    You know, I guess one advantage for Full Tilt signing up so many people is that it makes it easy for them to dump one … one-strike and you’re out.

  3. 85nutz

    Unfortunately I don’t think Mr. Little is going to have a problem finding another site to sign him up, maybe Bodog who is kind of the bay boy of the online poker sites. It’s kind of hard to quantify Little’s level of cheating though. I’ve been trying to make parallels with other sports. Is it as bad as Sosa’s corked bat or as bad as Pete Rose’s betting on games he is managing? If you break the rules of your team like Little did, that team is going to release or trade you but somebody will take a risk on you if they think you might be able to help the team or make them more money. If you break a cardinal rule of the sport you might get banned for life. I’m not sure if poker is a sport or not, that debate is for another time, but the lack of a league commissioner to fine, suspend, or otherwise punish a cheater is part of the problem here. I can tell you this, I’ll never play a cash game with Little. If he’s willing to cheat online I know he’s willing to cheat in a live game if he can get away with it. I don’t want to be sitting at his table wondering if the other 7-8 people there are colluding against me.

  4. Online Poker

    That is really the most stupid he could have done. Alright, pro’s are online a lot, but please think. It was a stable income, where he didn’t even had to play for..

  5. Uk Poker Player

    I think 85nutz nailed the problem here, there needs to be some penalty that is dished out to those who feel the rules are below them. Cheating is not something that should be tolerated, and no matter how profitable it may be to sign him to another site, Little should not be allowed to continue playing as he does.

  6. DanM

    Well I’m not so sure that sharing your account — letting your friends play under your username — is cheating … but it definitely matters to an online site marketing itself as a place to “Play with the Pros.”

    I do, however agree with 85nutz about how why would you even want to mess with someone who might be cheating? But if you followed that logic, then no one should be playing with Phil Hellmuth — as he clearly got caught doing the same thing.

    (I take a little pride in that because it was Pokerati readers who caught him!)

    However however … I will always think about the fact that tons of people are playing online at Absolute right now as testament about cheaters being tolerated.