Just for Robert to Read

by , Mar 25, 2008 | 1:52 am

And maybe Tom … and their nice friend from Phoenix whose name I forget:

Somewhere along the way to posting six losing sessions out of eight and after receiving a severe tongue-lashing from Robert G (with echoes of Tulsa in my head) I abandoned my soccer-shootout tally and quest for five wins in a row. Hadn’t given it a thought since then, really, until today, upon seeing the results of my past four sessions:

15-Mar — venetian — 5.5 — 2/5 nlh — 600 (2) — 776 — 2 — 174
21-Mar — paris — .25 — 1/2 nlh — 200 (1) — 249 — 2 — 47
22-Mar — golden nugget — 3 — 1/2 nlh — 200 (1) — 1709 — 0 — 1509
24-Mar — venetian — 2.25 — 1/2 nlh — 200 (1) — 1262 — 2 — 1060

I swear I won’t be thinking about it next time I play.

18 Comments to “Just for Robert to Read”

  1. TBR

    Absurd. Who can buy in for $200 in a 1/2 game, can cash out for 1709 3 hours later, do this or something like it on a routine basis and still be a losing player? Dan is the Rob Deer of poker.

  2. DanM

    I’m a winning slightly winning player baby! 2008: IFGTRG!

  3. DanM

    p.s. i don’t think i know who rob deer is.

  4. DanM

    ahhh …


  5. Robert Goldfarb

    nice work…might as well as go for ten in a row.

  6. ItsOverJonny

    You realized you just flipped your own Doom Switch by posting this, right?

  7. DanM

    I thought about that. Am a little afraid to go back to the table. (And this is Robert’s whole point about ‘booking five wins in a row’ being a stupid goal.) But for some reason am also thinking it might be a good time to take my whole bankroll and buy in to a $5/$10 NL game.

    Or maybe a 30/60 limit game? I hear all good players play limit. I read half a chapter on it once, so I feel ready.

  8. Gentle Shane


    Given your enriched bankroll, you can easily afford to fly back to Dallas and crush the morons in your old home game.

    We hope to see you soon.

  9. DanM

    Shane, I will need a place to stay. Do you have extra soap?

  10. DanM

    And everyone seems to be missing the 6-of-8 losing streak prior to my 4-in-a-row run.

  11. Tom Schneider


    Please don’t ever take up accounting. Great presentation of numbers. How about lining up the numbers under the headings? How about not using a minus sign in front of a win? Good luck on number 5 after braggind about your victories. Better yet, why not just divide your results by 4 and figure that is your daily win for the rest of the year and quit your job.

  12. DanM

    ***Please don’t ever take up accounting.***


    ***How about lining up the numbers under the headings?***

    Please don’t ever take up blogging.

  13. 85nutz

    I’m against this whole winning streak thing. Not to rain on your parade Dan, I do offer my congrats on your recent success but here is my issue. One of the things I hear preached about over and over from the pros out there is that your next hand is your next hand. It doesn’t matter if it’s in two minutes or in two weeks, it’s all one big session. With that being said if your looking at winning streaks your not thinking about the big picture. Compare it to football, do you want Rex Grossman who can be incredibly good when he is on and incredibly bad when he is not or do you want a Tony Romo, a guy who wins consistantly and has the potential to win it all if the cards fall right? Dan I hope your winning streak never ends but remember, look at the big picture. How are you doing for the year so far?

  14. DanM

    You all suck. When I made this post I was convinced that Robert was right after all … but now you have me reverting back to my old thoughts on it. What’s wrong with breaking up this ever-revered big picture into manageable little parts?

    2008: +$2,234
    Hrly: $16.49

  15. 85nutz

    I suppose it’s okay to break it into little parts just don’t loose sight of the big picture when doing so. Also don’t fall into the trap of artificial wins. By that I mean, don’t get stuck deep in your next cash session and grind it away just to get even or up a couple bucks to keep your streak alive. You might end up so deep that you are way beyond your comfort zone and lose way more that you want to. Stick to your same game plan that you approach every other session and if luck happens to go against you don’t stay in a bad game just because of the ‘streak.’ With that being said, pull a Joe DiMaggio on them!!!

  16. son of sue

    I hear the 10-20 limit game at The Mirage is a great place to put the locals on tilt.

  17. DanM

    My game results always seems to improve after you leave town for some reason.

  18. DanM

    I have completed session #5 … and 6 depending how you look at it.

    Anyone wanna set an over/under?