Most Semi-Awesome Gayest Shirt Ever

by , Mar 27, 2008 | 9:59 am

Tom, at the WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno …

Shirt says:

Mmm, Donuts …

3 Comments to “Most Semi-Awesome Gayest Shirt Ever”

  1. California Jen

    I will say, Tom, that you look good in blue. Wear more bright colors!

  2. Bundas

    Does it look like Tom growing Hair or is it just Darker? Must be somthing the wife made him do…..

  3. BJ Nemeth

    As I was taking photos of Tom (yes, this is one of mine), I was specifically trying to get a decent shot of the shirt.

    All I could make out was the “Nuts” in the middle, and then piecing that together with the photos helped me figure out the punchline — but I asked Tom for a better look at his shirt later just to confirm.

    I like the shirt, Tom. I just wish it had been luckier for you …