Re: Brackets Are So Rigged

by , Mar 3, 2008 | 2:30 pm

Here are the final results for the last-minute bracket fun. We’ll have to do something more fancy with this next year. But for now, big congrats to Taylor Larkin, who miraculously got in the game late and managed to pick the most winners. Those whose names are semi-known around these parts did less well:

Rank Predictor Score Predicted Final Winner
1 Taylor Larkin – 58 Huck Seed
2 don essinger – 49 Allen Cunningham
3 champsampson – 49 Ted Forrest
4 Scott – 46 Daniel Negreanu
5 Randy Brown – 32 Phil Hellmuth
6 California Jen – 27 Scott Clements
7 Kevin Mathers – 24 Daniel Negreanu
8 dan michalski – 21 Howard Lederer

I’m out either $20 or $40.

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One Comment to “Re: Brackets Are So Rigged”

  1. California Jen

    Yes, please, let’s do this bracket thing again. Please. I cannot wait.