Sorel is So Sorry

by , Mar 12, 2008 | 12:24 pm

Sorel Mizzi, courtesy of Betfair

Sorel Mizzi, courtesy of Betfair

Back in November of 2007, it was reported here and here and here that online pro Sorel Mizzi bought an account from ex-Bluff editor Chris Vaughn midway through a tournament and proceeded to win under Chris’ name.

The sordid details proved that they cheated, lied about it, got banned from Full Tilt, and finally owned up to it. Chris was fired from Bluff, and Sorel went on playing poker on various online poker sites and in live tournaments.

In February, Betfair signed a sponsorship deal with Sorel. Huh? A known cheater who was banned from one of the biggest online sites in the world signed to endorse another online site?

Evidently, Sorel is sorry. He claims to have learned a lesson and writes about it in a recent blog post on Betfair.

You be the judge.

2 Comments to “Sorel is So Sorry”

  1. DanM

    Yeow, we know some Betfair readers out there. I wonder if they’ll be able to comment on this.

    What are they thinking? There are plenty of pros out there who haven’t been busted for cheating. Why Sorel? I mean even if he is remorseful with a born-again poker heart, why even waste your time taking a chance when you’ve got so little invested in his pot?

  2. dumb azz

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