Woot, another Dallas Poker Raid
DC’s Poker House Goes Down

by , Mar 20, 2008 | 9:14 am

According to current forfeiture laws, when the Dallas cops raid a poker game, they generally get to keep whatever money they confiscate. However, assuming the DPD is operating all on the up-and-up, that money is supposed to be used for more poker busts …

In addition to what I was calling “Henser’s Game” (have since learned it might be “Gennser’s Game”), DC’s Poker House also got raided last week — Friday, I believe, about the same time as the robbery at the Ashton.

From a Pokerati citizen journalist on the ground:

Another game that got raided was DC’s POKER HO– USE in dallas off of shiloh & northwest highway. The cops single handedly busted that game because of money laundering. DC had about 40 slot machines in the building that caused his place to be shut down. I beleive what made DC’s place get so hot was when he pulled out a 9mm on one of the players who were getting a little out of hand.

Yikes, mix 8-Liners and 9-millimeters together and you kinda gotta expect some problems, no?

Also, maybe this is where the reports of a triple poker robicide came from … within a few days last week you had two busts and one robbery nearly simultaneously … and as we know in poker, it’s often difficult to distinguish between the two, because the action and results are usually pretty much the same.

UPDATE: Hmm, this is the second time that a robbery and police bust went down at two separate poker rooms nearly simultaneously. Strange coincidence? It’s possible that both sides make similar assessments when it comes to game selection — picking nights when they expect the most money to be in play.

5 Comments to “Woot, another Dallas Poker Raid
DC’s Poker House Goes Down

  1. taxi dave

    Im glad that place got shut down!!!!!! I have lost lots of money due to crooked house dealers and crack whores.!!!! thanks for the info pokerati

  2. DanM

    ***I have lost lots of money due to … crack whores.!!!!***

    Please explain. How does that work, exactly? Guys who aren’t into crack whores probably shouldn’t lose a dime. And guys who are … well I think they would argue that ponying up for a night of crack-ho heaven saves them money in the long run.

  3. mike j

    Gensser (correct spelling) ran a clean game.

  4. DanM

    I think Taxi Dave was referring to DC’s … which I can’t say was or wasn’t a clean game … never played there or knew the guys.

    I always heard of Gensser’s game being clean and friendly as well, from a source who knows firsthand the difference between games that are and aren’t.

  5. Mike H

    If house games would stick to the loose stipulations for playing poker in Texas, then they would get so hot and eventually get busted. Don’t take a rake, private games only, and no chance games!