WPT Invitational Enters Day 2 Without Mekhi

by , Mar 2, 2008 | 12:24 pm

Mekhi Phifer - Courtesy of PokerListings.com

Mekhi Phifer – Courtesy of PokerListings.com

The WPT Invitational got underway yesterday with a 5pm reception. Open bars, free buffet, dj spinning some tunes, celebs excited to meet poker pros, poker pros excited to meet celebs, media enjoying the food and drink…

It was quite fun and not the normal introduction to a poker tournament. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the atmosphere and the company. And when players took their seats at 7pm for the freeroll tourney, the fun continued. While most people wouldn’t mind doing well and taking home their share of the $200k prize pool, it was predominantly a room full of drunks not-too-serious poker playing.

Within the first few hours, my personal fav Mekhi Phifer was eliminated AND didn’t say goodbye to me, so the night was pretty much over. Some other stuff probably happened, but you’ll have to check WPT Live Updates, PokerPages, or PokerListings for actual results.

Day 2 begins today at 2pm with only 112 remaining players out of the original 400-420-somewhere in that range.

2 Comments to “WPT Invitational Enters Day 2 Without Mekhi”

  1. DanM

    Jen, I’m hearing this tourney is lacking for major pros — that they all have stayed here in Vegas to watch the heads-up action, as well as play in the Wynn Classic and generally juicy higher-stakes cash games at Bellagio.

    Have you noticed a difference between this year and last at the Hollywood poker love-fest?

  2. California Jen

    There were some pros here, but you’re right that most have stayed in Vegas for the big stuff. And the celeb quotient was definitely down from last year. Though Mekhi is an A-lister in my book, and Don Cheadle and Camryn Manheim are A-listers in any book, the majority of the rest of the Hollywood-types were reality TV stars that most couldn’t name if their lives depended on it.

    I was surprised that fewer stars came out, especially considering this event started on a Saturday evening and wouldn’t interfere with the taping of most TV shows or films.

    But seriously, WPT and NBC really need to stop trying to outdo each other. Can’t one of those entities move their events forward or back one week? It’s kinda ridiculous.