Breaking News: Dallas Poker Bandits Strike Again

by , Apr 11, 2008 | 9:53 pm

Another North Dallas poker room apparently just got robbed about two hours ago — the gunmen making off with more than $10,000 in cash, watches, cell phones, and at least one bracelet.

The 15/30 Omaha game had just broken a little after 10 pm central and a full 2/5 NLH table was going strong when players heard Smash! Crash! “What the fuck?!?” one player screamed.

“I know what that is,” another player answered as he ran toward the back room and others followed. It sounded like a police raid — we all remember how the cops busted through the walls at Jackie’s on semi-live TV — only this time it was robbers. Two armed black males wearing ski masks and hoodies came busting through glass windows and sheet rock to enter through the smoking room. Players looked for an escape in the seconds that followed, but there was no back door. This game – located in an office building near the Galleria – was relatively new … had been open just a few months … and seemed plenty secure with a two-door entry system monitored by cameras.

“Where’s the fucking money at?” the lead thug shouted as he emerged from the smoking room into the main area and made his way to the gace.

“There are a couple 50s beneath the drawer,” on of the room operators said.

Four or five players had crammed into a supply closet in the back room and locked the door behind them. Huddling together in the dark, they scrambled to find places to hide their wallets. One player had wedged his in some plastic wrap behind a stack of plates just a few seconds before the robbers realized there were people in there and ordered them out. They were told to lay on the ground with their faces to the floor – all complied – at which point the other robber frisked them one-by-one for their valuables while his accomplice made a quick check of the closet but apparently found none of the stashed goods.

The whole robbery lasted just a few minutes … as of last night, no decision had been made about whether or not to call the police, which you can suspect whoever is behind this latest string of poker robberies is partially banking on.

8 Comments to “Breaking News: Dallas Poker Bandits Strike Again”

  1. john

    what room????

  2. DanM

    not gonna give up the name so long as the place is still in business. hope you understand.

    as mentioned above (added after your comment), it was in an office near the galleria. players i know are free to contact me for more specifics.

  3. zach

    There is only one way to stop these fuckers, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

  4. pisswilley

    i generaly pack when i play. and i will use it. as of yet no bust of robery at any of the rooms i have been in. a room i had been going to just closed and moved to arlington. the cops were hanging outside and asking everyone what was going on in there.this went on for weeks and they finaly decided to close shop and head west.

    but to zach, yes it will get ugly if im at a table and the boys come calling for my money

  5. Alicia

    i miss the days when my only concern about being robbed in a poker room consisted of a dealer over-raking the pot. I weep for the current state of Dallas poker… almost glad that I don’t have time to play live anymore. Hey Dan… is there room for another Rounder Clubber out there?

  6. DanM

    Alicia, you know you are always welcome to pass out face first on my wood bench.

    But you know, your comment has me thinking … how many Rounder Club expats are in Vegas? Really, there must be close to a dozen, right? More during the WSOP, of course.

    Hmmm … and to think, Don just bought a new grill …

  7. Grunkzzz

    I would live in vegas if I didnt have a wife and kid for sure.

  8. Jimmy

    Another reason to just go to Winstar and be done with it.

    I made the switch a couple years ago to forego all the local rooms and haven’t looked back.