Frank & Paul: Anti-UIGEA Superhero Duo?

by , Apr 13, 2008 | 9:16 am

Since the UIGEA became law, poker has desperately needed a superhero to save it. With the U.S. government breathing down our necks, it’s been uncomfortable and a bit scary.

Some organizations have played significant roles in attempting to come to our rescue. The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) and the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative are lobbying on our behalves, but it was going to take some actual members of our Congress to stand up and gain support for our cause.

We seem to have two of them in Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX). Not only have them spoken out against the UIGEA, but they have now proposed new legislation to stop it. H.R. 5767 was introduced on Thursday, April 10th, to prohibit the implementation of UIGEA regulations by banks and financial institutions, basically rendering the UIGEA ineffective.

Read the press release from the House Committee on Financial Services here.

Could poker’s superheroes be Frank and Paul? Bet on it.

Now is the time for the poker community to step up and show their support for H.R. 5767. Tell your Congressional representatives to back this legislation and push it through. The PPA and SSIGI websites make it easy to do.

PPA provides a simple form here, as does SSIGI here.

5 Comments to “Frank & Paul: Anti-UIGEA Superhero Duo?”

  1. DanM

    I really like this strategically. It will be much easier for the other congresspeople to make a “correction” and throw out the bad part of a law that they will want to contend was still good overall — the Port Security Act — than it will be for them to get behind a “Legalize Online Poker!” campaign yippee!

  2. DG

    Ron Paul comes to the rescue of liberty once again. Ron Paul for President in 2008!

  3. Baba Padmanabhan

    It makes you wonder even more – why his message was marginalized during this election season. Why was his interview with Larry King Live the night before Iowa caucus never aired? Why was his interview with John Stossl for 20/20 never aired? Why was he kept out of NH debate the weekend before NH primaries?

  4. j davis

    I looked at a list of reps that have signed on to this bill–all Democrats except Paul. Guess that shows where the GOP stands. I thought they always claimed to be the party of smaller government unless they are telling us what we can and cannot do in our personal lives and homes.

    J davis

  5. Jason B

    All the PPA and the UIGEA bill is gran standing for politicians. As to date, PokerStars, FulltiltPoker, UltimateBet and DoylesRoom allows the use of bank transfer and major credit cards for depositing. I received a email from stars and ftp that I can once again withdrawal and deposit from personal bank account. All this hoopla IMO is nothing more than a political positioning for taxing wire transfer from online gaming institutions.