Off with their Headers!

by , Apr 30, 2008 | 1:03 am

Hmm … apparently our big Pokerati sign at the top of this page has fallen down. Yikes, normally I would call on TFG to fix it, but you know … a long time ago I lived in an apartment that got really dirty. My roommate and I made some sincere efforts to clean it up, but eventually just moving became the more logical solution …

NOTE TO DISPLACED ADVERTISERS: We haven’t forgotten about you! Send duct tape!.

UPDATE: Header is back. Advertisers, you are next. I owe many of you a beer.

4 Comments to “Off with their Headers!”

  1. California Jen

    I’m feeling like I don’t know who we are anymore. I think it has something to do with poker…

  2. DanM

    You are being sarcastic, right Jen?

    Look, the header is back. Feel better?

  3. California Jen

    Much better.

    Yes, I was being sarcastic. Have we met?

  4. Uncle Ray

    Poker? Really?

    I thought it was a martial arts site. P Kerati. At least that’s what the banner says.