Out with a Fizzle!
Beyond the Table: 2006-2008

by , Apr 10, 2008 | 11:49 am

Beyond the Table - Dan, Tom, and Karridy

The BTT crew: Poker talk fused with gay jokes and fat commentary was all the rage in 2007.

Some of you have been wondering, why no new episodes of Beyond the Table? Tom, Karridy, and I have been wondering the same thing. It’s been a good run, and with drinks in the air, three guys who clearly love/hate the sounds of their own voices are calling it podcast quits.

Back when we started, our show about poker but not really about poker stood out as revolutionary in a sea of lame poker interviewcasts with questionable audio quality. Soon after iPod sales were booming as more and more of the world got hooked on downloading poker audio with funny intros and Angry Julie cameos. But Tom couldn’t handle the celebrity and Karridy developed a crack addiction lives got busy and producers for Beyond the Table fared about as well as drummers for Spinal Tap. The show hired Shamus at a fraction of a Cambodian farmer’s wage to pump up our numbers — did he ever get his T-shirt? — but with a new generation of poker podcasts getting better and stronger (Lou Kreiger, Gary Wise, 2+2, Pocket Fives, Ante Up, Poker Road, et al) old-school payola wasn’t enough to save us from going out on the podcast bubble.

Listen below to a heretofore unpublished episode (recorded on 2-27, my dream flop) as your favorite semi-amateur yammerers phone it in for the last and final-ish time:

Beyond the Table: Fin


Thanks for listening via RSS, iTunes, play-in-popup, and direct download … we already miss ourselves.

You can still prank call Karridy on the Beyond the Table listener line at 888-820-8091.

21 Comments to “Out with a Fizzle!
Beyond the Table: 2006-2008

  1. Robert Goldfarb

    My Podcast listening heart is-a-broken. You could have at least left the door open for a special episode or two at some non-descript time in the future. You guys suck.

  2. Donkey Bomber


    Your last sentence might be why we quit.

    We truly had such a fun time, but how many times would you ride the Pirates of the Carribean if you weren’t getting paid?

    All we needed was one great listener call to keep us pumped up, but all you silent listeners let us down. Now see what you get? Wipe that smile off your collective faces.

    Now it truly is “last call for alcohol”, bye bye.

  3. Donkey Bomber

    From the picture, it looks like I need to work on a few other problems. I’m so phat.

  4. Robert Goldfarb

    Some of us ride Pirates of the Caribbean for the sheer pleasure that comes with every ride. No matter how you spell it.

  5. DanM

    Robert, do you know how to drum?

  6. Lisa

    Maybe it’s a sign that the only comments posted here are from those involved in the show. Well, except for mine.

  7. Ed

    I had nothing good to say…so I was keeping quiet. 😛

  8. Short-Stacked Shamus

    So this post-dated check I have on my fridge . . . should I try to cash it now or wait or what . . . ?

  9. Ed

    Ok..i can say something now after listening to this “final episode”. Fav part was Dan’s Tourette Syndrome sounding voicemail. Wish I had someone to call when I have nights like that.

    Oh wait…now I do.

  10. tbonezz111

    Sorry to hear this news. If anyone is interested, maybe this will fill the void.


  11. California Jen

    I am sorry to see the show go! I listened to the final episode, and your hearts just weren’t in it. Maybe after some time off, it can be resurrected…

    Tbonezz, you are cracking me up with your constant links to that video. Can I assume that you, sir, are Rick Astley?

  12. Donkey Bomber

    Sorry Robert,

    I spelled the wrong word. I meant Pilates. That’s what I hate.

  13. UK Poker Player

    Just listened to Beyond the Table, the audio sounded good to me. It’s too bad you aren’t continuing, but will look forward to hearing a comeback episode. Good luck

  14. DanM

    ***audio sounded good***

    Hmm, not so sure I believe you really listened …

  15. Frank Frisina

    Salute fellas!

  16. Michele Lewis


    You know, I’m sad…but really I think it may be a good thing because clearly you guys are just movin’ on up.

  17. drewkw

    Truely sorry to see you guys go. You were quite entertaining.

  18. Mike

    For the record I really enjoyed hearing you guys bait each other week in and week out. Sad to hear you’re bowing out. All the best.

  19. SitNGoSteve

    The show went to shit after I got fired, I mean voluntarily left…

    Joking – Obviously 🙂

  20. DanM

    Next time you’ll take your beatings and gruel and like it.

  21. BradfordLee

    You guys were DIFFERENT in a sea of poker podcast. That’s why I listened. Funny, poker, news… And improved chaos. I loved the show and think it sucks your tossing in the towel. YO YO YO !!! And Talkshit part 3 always makes me laugh out loud.