All aboard the K-Train. Woo-woo!

by , May 20, 2008 | 9:34 pm

…Okay, that title may be the single gayest line I’ve ever typed. My bad. I’m draining Dos Equis and blogging via Hooters WiFi.

I’m about to fire off an email to friends, family, etc., inviting them to take a piece of me in a second $1,500 NLHE Event, which I wasn’t originally planning on playing. I’m actually interested to hear your opinions on how I’m handling the two-event split and the Main Event equity parlay.

Check out the details at my super-new personal blog (, and let me know if you think I’m drawing dead.

ALT HED: For sale: – $1,500

10 Comments to “All aboard the K-Train. Woo-woo!”

  1. UK Poker Player

    Hey – it looks like you’re handling the two-event split and the Main Event equity parlay pretty well. I’m new to the game and still learning from players like yourself. This is a great website, I’ll keep checking back!

  2. Short-Stacked Shamus

    Dig the new Nostradamus look.

  3. TBR

    In for $100.

  4. DanM

    I was thinking Saddam Hussein in his final days.

    Considering you won the last tourney I played with you (80 players), I’m in for at least $10. Let me know what Tom puts up, so I can underbid him.

  5. donkey

    Yah, I’m with Dan, you rock man. Put me down for $10 too. Don’t freak if you get a call from my attorney when you cash, man…see you out there.

  6. Karridy

    Shamus and TBR, I’ve got you down and look forward to seeing Dan’s face when I hand over a fat wad. 🙂 Okay, maybe I just wanted to use “wad” and “Dan’s face” in the same sentence.

    Donkey, TBR,.. You guys playing in either of those events? Even though TBR defeated me in our prior last-longer when he took 2nd in Stephenville, I’m always up for more angles 🙂

  7. donkey

    I’m playing heads up for the $10k seat this weekend, bro, wish me luck. Remember the poker league that I invited you and Dan to play in? We’ve been playing all year for points, and now it’s down to 2 playing heads up for the Main Event seat. Otherwise, I may see you in event #36.

  8. DanM

    Karridy, I said at least $10.

  9. bunhousebob

    I also will take any backers for the seniors event

  10. Karridy

    Major luck, Donk! If we both get there, we’ll have to swap a few points again. Let me know how it goes!

    Dan – A professional marketer would tell you to pool some small amounts with about 20 of your other prominent blogger buddies and put it towards this as a group. Keep the updates here and get a few more links during a high traffic time for as little as $20 bucks and the time it takes to write an email. 🙂