Countdown to 2008 WSOP: One Week

by , May 23, 2008 | 7:39 am

Yes, folks, the 2008 World Series of Poker kicks off in one week! On Friday, May 30th, the masses will begin to descend upon the Rio Convention Center for the first tournament, the $10,000 World Championship Pot Limit Hold’em. The very next day will be the first of several $1,500 no limit hold’em events. There will be 55 tournaments in all, for your bankroll-draining pleasure.

(If you look to the right of this column, just under the photos, there is a link to the 2008 WSOP schedule for your convenience.)

For those arriving early, the WSOP area of the Rio will open on the 28th for satellite players, and no doubt the cash games will be revving up as well.

I am leaving the comfort of my Los Angeles apartment tomorrow to drive out to Vegas for a nearly two-month stay in Sin City. I will be helping Dan and the crew bring you the sights and sounds of the World Series, along with writing regular daily full-on articles for PokerWorks. For those of you making the trek (or already living in Vegas), I hope to see you there!

4 Comments to “Countdown to 2008 WSOP: One Week”

  1. Poker Shrink

    I am surprised each year by how excited the poker media get over the Series, when what it really means is a bunch of lazy stay-at-home bloggers have to come to Las Vegas and actually work for seven weeks. Priorities People!

  2. California Jen

    Oh, Shrink, so jaded… 😉

  3. Zero

    Will you be providing us with great video interviews like Michele Lewis did last year? Speaking of Michele, where did she go, havent seen her post in a while?

  4. California Jen

    If I’m not mistaken, Michele did those videos for PokerNews and they were reposted here.

    I’m quite sure Dan doesn’t have video equipment, and I’m certainly not an on-camera interviewer. You’ll get words this year, Zero, lots of words.