CSR Report

by , May 29, 2008 | 11:10 am

Technology freaks me out. This is a test.

5 Comments to “CSR Report”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    Fear not — it’s only ones and zeros.

  2. California Jen

    I’m a little more comfortable with it now. I’m going test out the drunk-texting function tonight at the Bluff party. Watch out. You’ll be sorry you told me about this.

  3. Scott Chaffin

    Just be sure and send pix for us poor schmucks slaving away over hot keyboards in hot dusty old Texas while you movers are moving. You know you can send a picture to the same address, right?

  4. California Jen

    Oooh, sending pics to this address. Tempting. I’ll see what I can do.

  5. Ed

    Uh oh…if she breaks it I am not staying up repairing it. You told her about it Scott so that is your job!