Have a Beer with Negreanu

by , May 21, 2008 | 8:12 am

For some reason I thought he didn’t drink … but still, regardless, Daniel Negreanu seems to have been busy partnering up with some new, non-online-poker entities just in time for Christmas the WSOP. One is a brand-new (live action) poker training site called PokerVT. Good for him, and probably for them, too … though I wonder how many people will really want to pay to go to school with Neggy’s digital likeness.

His other new biz deal is all about after-poker … as he’s pimping PT’s — a big chain of neighborhood video-poker pubs around Las Vegas — and the commercials are all over the local TV feeds of pokery shows. In this ad, he steps away from the table after busting an opponent and then heads out to a bar where he chats with a random hot waitress and then shoots some pool with a random dude who challenges him to a game for a round of brews.

I gotta think it works. Because for some reason, for the couple-dozen-plus of these 24-hour taverns I’ve visited (literally, they’re on almost every corner once you get a mile or so off the Strip) I’ve never stepped foot inside a PT’s … probably because there are so many, but regardless, now this ad tells me it’s OK to do so … and as added value to my late-night steak-and-eggs, there’s a 1-in-37 shot of running into an off-duty poker pro while there.

While this may not be the biggest of big deals, I remember Scottie Pippen doing Montgomery Ward’s billboards back in the early ’90s, and it’s good to see a poker pro doing some non-poker pimping on par with a top NASCAR driver.

CORRECTION: I have stepped foot into a PT’s sorta — didn’t realize Sierra Gold (a few blocks from where I live) is one of their joints.

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  1. California Jen

    Honestly, I did an article on PokerVT this morning, and after checking out the site, I think it looks amazing. I’m tempted to sign up myself.

    You’ve gotta give Negreanu props. He is the king of self-pimpage, but he has also built the type of image that appeals to so many people. He has this natural ability to cross over to mainstream media, and I’m glad to see him do it. Go DN!

  2. Uncle Ray

    The thing about Daniel is he’s a likable guy and appealing to casual poker fans and even non-poker fans who happen to be near the TV when poker is on (read Aunt Sue).

    He comes across as a regular guy on TV and doing commercials for a “regular guy (and gal)” bar just enhances the image.

  3. DanM

    I think Daniel’s doing good stuff, too — it’s not like Phil Hellmuth could ever get a gig as the guy you’d wanna hang out and have a beer with — but while the PokerVT site looks amazing, I don’t think you’ll see Daniel get way behind it.

    Not dissing the site, but I just noticed he doesn’t even have it hooked up on fullcontanct poker, his real home online … or at least his old house that he still crashes at regularly.

  4. California Jen

    Full Contact Poker is part of PokerVT (or vice versa), so Daniel is very invested in it. He’s been blogging about doing the videos for PokerVT for quite some time, and he’s been very excited about its launch.

  5. DanM

    Really? I mean not really that I didn’t know this … but really you read FCP?

  6. California Jen

    I don’t read FCP, but his blog posts are reposted on his MySpace page, and I keep up with Daniel there. 🙂

    And I know that Full Contact Poker was involved with PokerVT because it was noted in the press release.

  7. Ed

    Daniel does nothing BUT talk about PokerVT whenever he can. Get out more, Dan.

  8. Grunkzzz

    I was considering signing up as well because it looked good, but wanted to see what some other people said before I signed up. Tell them to give you a free subscription Dan and you’ll pimp the site a little if its good or something.


  9. donkey

    I really doubt if this will take off. It’s really an old concept with a different pro. A couple of years ago, Karridy and I went to Seattle to meet with Johnny Chan, Esfandiari, Unibomber for a site called rush2win.com. It never took off like it was hyped to be the next big thing. They even had promotions where the winners were to be flown to an exotic island to play against Chan for nice cash prizes. But they never got enough subscribers to sustain it. I doubt it if I’ll pay $400 a year to learn how to play like Daniel..ha

  10. Ed

    I never heard of rush2win.com though. Been hearing about pokerVT.com for a while now…nearly a year to be exact. Will be interesting to see how it does.

  11. California Jen

    Donkey, you can get a lifetime membership right now for only $119!

    You’re right. This could fail, but with Daniel at the helm, I have a feeling it will do well… at least for a year or so.

  12. donkey

    Jen, maybe I’m reading it wrong, but I see it as a one time sign up, then it’s $29.99 per month! Am I wrong? Please let me know, that adds up to $480 the first year! All that for training? Rush2win tried to market at $99 sign up and $40-$100 per month, depending on the level of participation.

  13. Ed

    I don’t think Jen is understanding how it works.

    That is a special of $119 for the SIGN UP. You still pay $29.99/mo too. 🙂

    All the sites that do this kind of thing (training vids…etc) have this outragous sign up fee. Like there is a lot of paperwork to do and file. They just want to make sure they get a nice chunk of change from you in case you don’t stay for more than a month.

  14. California Jen

    OMG! I just looked at it again. Whoa…

    Donkey, you’re right. That’s a ton of dough! Never mind. I’ll just get some poker tips from the books collecting dust on my bookshelf. 😉

  15. California Jen

    You’re right, Ed. I didn’t get it. Got it now. Won’t be getting it from Daniel. I wish him the best of luck with his site, but geez!

  16. Grunkzzz

    yeah I missed it as well. Didnt realize it was so expensive.. They wont get my $$

  17. Ed

    Just remembered the other site..or one of them…that I saw before. The cardrunners.com site. Sure it is only $99 for the set up fee…but i mean…seriously!

  18. DanM

    See, I didn’t even get deep enough into the site to realize how much it costs.

    You know, one thing that has been a proven success are boot camps, Joe Navarro seminars, etc. These things cost a couple thousand bucks, yet there clearly are/were people willing to invest that kinda dedicated time and money into their graduate poker education. So while this might work for high stakes players who see the importance of putting up a buy-in for long-term gain, it just may not apply to 1-2 players and their couple hundred bucks.

    We’ll see. Maybe I’m wrong … because as far as I know, Cardrunners is doing quite well, and their pay-for-community is rather loyal.

    The thing that gets me is the “virtual” nature of PokerVT. OK, so I pay the bucks and I get a “virtual” Daniel Negreanu giving me pointers? Don’t I get that from some video games I already own? Or heck, how different is that from the Daniel Negreanu tips I get for giving $20/year to the PPA? I’m sure they are different … but I’m much more likely to spend the money on some educational Phil Hellmuth DVDs first.

    But really, even before doing that I’m probably more likely to spend $20 at PT’s not thinking about poker, or at least not paying to do so.

  19. donkey

    Yah, but you save $30 bucks if you sign up now…versus 50 years from now. Daniel has mass appeal, so he’ll have a lot of newbies signing up, I mean, how many signups does he need to make $1mil? 8400? Then $250k residuals per month? not bad lil venture.

  20. DanM

    Just guessing here, but it’s VIRTUAL Daniel, so he’s already done his work, and presumably gotten his check(s).

    Maybe not … I’m just speculating on something I don’t know much about. But I think your numbers, donk, are way off.

    You should probably sign up for

  21. Ed

    Is Micon a long lost brother of Bill Fillmaff?

  22. donkey

    Ed, you sure you got that name right? I thought it was Fill billmuth?

  23. Ed

    I have all his videos saved and occasionally watch them again and laugh…no it is Bill Fillmaff. 🙂