How to Be a Mid-Stakes Pro, Part 2

by , May 8, 2008 | 11:46 pm

From Craigslist:

well know poker player needs backer – $25 (Las Vegas)
Date: 2008-04-17, 1:28AM PDT
I will only accept the right person. I currently have a backer and we will be parting ways if I find a bigger backer. You are welcome to review my results and talk to my current backer. I made him $52,000 last year. I use to have my own money but I started a business that didn’t work out and I lost a few hundred K! Last year 07 I made $104,000 playing 2-5NL. We started with $15k and split everything 50/50. I want need to move up to where I use to play 5-10 and 10-20 and I need a bigger backer. I have an $1,800 mortgage and a $1,000 car payment so playing 2-5 doesn’t make enough for me to move up. My current backer has the same problem and cannot increase his stake. I am looking for someone to put up a min. of $25k for 5-10 and above. Since I made $104k in 2-5 it is easy to see I will make $200k playing bigger and it is the game I am use to playing in the past. I just cannot pay my bills plus save money making only $52,000. My nut is about $40k a year! We can meet and talk and I will choose who I let back me. My current backer knows I will be leaving and there is no bad blood there, just not enough money for me to split at my current level!

From the way the hedline sounds, I’d guess this guy is Asian. Just sayin’ … regardless, I suspect Men the Master might see a flaw in Danielsan’s plan.

4 Comments to “How to Be a Mid-Stakes Pro, Part 2”

  1. 85nutz

    does this work? can you just post an ad and get a backer? Maybe we should put him in touch with those guys in africa who have like 17 million they want to transfer to the US from some dead guy’s estate and their willing to split it with you 50/50 but first you have to send them 10k for processing

  2. zach

    If you are good enough to have a backer, then you have no business posting in craigslist. The backers will find you eventually. Am I right?

  3. DanM

    I feel bamboozled. From the title, I thought it was only gonna cost me $25 for half his action.

  4. Sam

    How funny. Why dont I just bend over for you. Assuming all he said is true, some folks cant take a jump in levels. Whether it’s poker, baseball, football, Rugby.

    And what if I can beat him? Will he back me?