Living on Poker Street

by , May 31, 2008 | 1:24 am

Funny … I’m sitting on the little porch off my bedroom in Slight Southwest Vegas, facing the Rio actually … Luxor beam at about 1 o’clock. It’s a beautiful night — cool ’70s and still. I know it’s only Day 1, and guys like Pauly and Cali Jen’s roommate Aaron are still there, catching the end of opening day to see who’ll be fighting for the money tomorrow in the $10k Pot-Limit Hold’em World Championship of the Planet in the Empire. I’ll bet there are some names we recognize and some we don’t.

Anyhow — it’s so nice outside, and instead of chips clicking I hear crickets chirping, so I figured I’d catch up on emails (mine was down all day), comment on some blogs, etc. … and the guy two houses down just pulled into his driveway aggressively, and got out of the car talking on the phone. Apparently he’s a poker player, and just got back from some tournament: “I finished 2nd,” he’s saying, “yeah, I pushed with pocket 10s. He thought about it for a long time and at that point I was ready to race, but he called and had pocket jacks.”

He’s still outside talking … “No, I’m not trying to be gay but your feet are so cute in those … It’s so funny because … uh-huh … I enjoy it … I absolutely love that, and you wouldn’t have to worry … no … uh-huh … yeah, it’s so funny because I wasn’t even looking for it … Right, everybody’s different, and I got so fucking excited … I do everything I can for you … right, pocket jacks.”

UPDATE: “You’re so fucking hot. You’re an absolute knockout … no, totally sober … and you’re short, which I love.”

2 Comments to “Living on Poker Street”

  1. Kajagugu

    Holy cow. I just walked in the door and saw a transcipt of the call I had outside on your site? WTF? The Pokerati is everywhere! (I keed, I keed).

  2. tbonezz111

    Dan… only day 1 and you are already losing it !! 🙂

    Can’t wait til mid June… just be sure to watch out for the cops when you are posted up outside the mens room at Saphire with your lap top taking notes as the players go in and out of the bathroom!!

    Should be a fun summer!!