Re: Um, Can You Tivo …

by , May 21, 2008 | 3:18 am

Manchester United has their own official poker chips:

Go Owen Hargreaves!

3 Comments to “Re: Um, Can You Tivo …”

  1. USA

    How GAY

  2. olivert

    Manchester United – 2008 European Cup (UEFA Champions League) Champion, 2008 English Premier League Champion, and the ONLY European soccer club to have a “superstore” in the People’s Republic of China (at the Venetian casino in Macau.)

  3. DanM

    Yep, I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. I think I am a big Manchester United fan now. They are the best. I mean not just because they won … I’ve always loved them! Since I was a young boy lad. You know, what Oliver said. I think van der saar is a really good goalie.