Running Strange

by , May 31, 2008 | 2:56 pm

Tom busted out on his first hand of today’s $1,500 NLH event. Here’s how it went down … Donkey Bomber shows up and is looking for his seat. A floor guy directs him to his table — only he sends him in the wrong direction, and when he finally makes it to his seat, turns out he was just a table away when he asked for directions. Oops.

So he arrives having missed the first hand … no biggie, right? Takes his seat and the first two cards he sees are both queens. So he raises … Bill Edler re-raises (to about 1,500 — virtual half-stacks) and Hevad Khan calls. So Tom concludes that there’s no way Hevad has aces or kings — he woulda just shoved — and Edler was just letting Tom know who’s gonna be boss at the table … so Tom goes all-in.

Edler calls (with pocket 5s) and Khan calls (with AK). Edler would end up flopping a 5, and Hevad also paired one of his big-boys … so just like that, Tom is out. But wait, there’s more …

A floor guy had come over to the table to let players know that some of them were in the wrong seats … including Edler and Khan. Hevad woulda had the pocket 5s, and Edler woulda been in the ded big-blind’s stack … something like that. But in general, everything woulda been different.

Kinda funny/ironic … especially since dealers are being extra-cautious about checking IDs.

3 Comments to “Running Strange”

  1. weirdrash

    Wow that really sucks. Both the pocket fives suckout and the wrong seat assignments. Horrible way to blow $1,500.
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  2. edbucks

    Tom should have known better than to get in a hand with the Great Bill Edler, Bill’s a better player.

  3. 85nutz

    I would have raised hell, that hand would not have gone down that same way had people been in the right spot. Sorry Tom, if I had been your dealer it would have been totally different. Maybe your getting all of your bad luck out of the way early in the smaller (buy-in wise) events and will run well in the bigger events. Here’s to better luck in your next event!