Shout out/in from Texas

by , May 31, 2008 | 12:21 pm

Rick in Greenville, TX writes in with what would count as a major beef in a bizzarro poker world:

Hey Dan o,

I have been a loyal DAILY Pokerati reader for 3 years now. We (myself and 13 other Pokerati readers from Greenville, Texas) will be heading out to the WSOP next week.

I met you for the first time at the Rio last year and you introduced me to The Donkey Bombers wife. She even let me touch Toms newly acquired bracelet. Woo Hoo…

Keep up the good blogging, bowling, drinking, losing….it makes for great reading


Rick, thanks for the prizzops, but you clearly haven’t been reading us, because we clearly haven’t even started working yet.

3 Comments to “Shout out/in from Texas”

  1. California Jen

    Dan, learn to accept the props! And if people think we’re working, please don’t correct them. 😉

  2. Rick in G town

    Dang Donkey Dan,

    My email was more of a shout out; I didn’t know you were going to quote me or I would have been more eloquent, used words with multiple syllables and not seemed so country-fied.

    Anyway, thanks for punking me out… I guess I’ll have to fess up as someone I know will surely see this post. I lied about the poker players coming to Vegas with me, only SOME of them can read and MOST have never heard of Pokerati.

    p.s. … there is another world besides the bizzaro poker world???

    – rick

  3. DanM

    Sorry, Rick, didn’t mean to cause you probs. It happens sometimes though. Tough luck. When it comes to reading Pokerati, you get what you pay for.