$1500 NLHE Event to Play Into Infinity

by , Jun 2, 2008 | 11:13 pm

Quite possibly, I’m exaggerating.

However, at 11:10pm, there are 95 players remaining. WSOP officials just announced that the tournament will stay true to the structure in that they will play down to the final nine tonight. And I use the term “tonight” loosely. It will likely be well into the morning hours tomorrow, generously speaking, when they hit that magic number. They will then give the final table players the mandatory 10 hours of rest, ask that they come back to the Rio for the two-hour block of ESPN interviews, and then play the final table.

It was ESPN’s decision, and since they will film the final table, it was their decision against breaking at a decent time tonight, playing to nine tomorrow, and pushing the final table out one day. Instead, they have chosen to drain the players of all earthly stamina and patience in the hope against all hope that play will suddenly speed up and merge with their intended schedule. In the meantime, the media members required to cover the tournament are being forced into a special kind of hell.

Hopefully, play won’t last beyond 5am or 6am, but I’ll take the over on that one.

2 Comments to “$1500 NLHE Event to Play Into Infinity”

  1. DanM


    WSOP officials tell us they are playing down to nine no matter what, and will resume 10 hours later. They just informed the players of this, so they can make any necessary arrangements.

    I guess that’s the first thing out the window for 2008 WSOP plans — intentions to end all nights at a “reasonable hour”. Makes me happy, frankly … because what would poker be if it always ended before sunrise.

  2. DanM


    Change of plans again. After much bickering, whining, and split votes, they ended up playing down to 18.