2-7 Lowball Final Table

by , Jun 11, 2008 | 3:44 pm

OK, you know I don’t want to make this year’s WSOP all about Tom’s lack of sponsorable attention … but I can’t help it on this one … watch the WSOP video update, and they talk about what a star-studded final table this is … and they mention 6 of 7 players’ names. I guess the two bracelets and that WSOP POY title, like bitching about Tom’s lack of coverage, is so 2007!

Click here to follow along. Tom just picked up another big pot. He seems focussed.

Two other interesting things to note: 1) Barry Greenstein was the tiny stack once they got into the money; and 2) Last year’s POY race came down to this event (the last one pre-main event in 2007). Tom went out somewhere in the teens, leaving it to Jeff Lisandro to make the final table to snatch the Player of the Year honors. At the time his chip stack was strong, and Tom went over to donk off $3,000 at the high-stakes cash tables. (I’m sure he couldn’t even tell you what game he was playing.) But Lisandro fell short … so in a way, he probably really wants this win, too.

One Comment to “2-7 Lowball Final Table”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    At least they showed Tom’s name…

    And what’s this “two” thru seven nonsense?