2008 Pokerati Bowling Series – Event 2

Could Cali Jen Be a Pro Bowler?

by , Jun 17, 2008 | 6:24 pm

Nearly three weeks after the start of the Pokerati Bowling Series (PBS), the second event went down last night at the Gold Coast bowling alley.

Though we are making our own schedules here at the WSOP in Vegas, the workload is pretty chaotic at times and doesn’t allow all of us to get together as we’d like. So, last night, when Dan and I were trying to fit in an impromptu Pokerati weekly meeting, a hankerin’ for some bowlin’ took over. We combined business and bowling at the Gold Coast at 1:30am-ish. Bonus: Mondays-Fridays after midnight, $1 per game. Sweet!

Still unsure how the betting on these games will work, we bet $10 and the cost of the next PBS event on the first game. Dan cheated won the first game 139-132. Bowling is so rigged.

PBS - Event 2 - Game 1

PBS – Event 2 – Game 1

Double or nothing, the second game went down, and Cali Jen got her groove back. In all fairness, we were both super tired, as it was probably 3am at that point, but it all came down to who was able to shine under pressure. *wink* Anyway, I cheated won the game 157-107. My goal is to break 200 by the end of the PBS this summer, then consider options on the pro bowler tour.

PBS - Event 2 - Game 2

PBS – Event 2 – Game 2

Obviously, the next event in the series is unscheduled, but we hope to arrange it in the coming days – on the spur of the moment, most likely – with Pauly, Change100, Benjo, Shamus, Jason, and other suckers invited parties. Bring it!

9 Comments to “2008 Pokerati Bowling Series – Event 2”

  1. Jason

    Are you guys dodging me? Have you been talking to the Frenchies or something?

  2. California Jen

    If you’ll look again, Jason, your name magically appeared on the list of invitees! Hey, it’s not an exclusive list anyway. 🙂

    Whatcha got against the Frenchies?

  3. Jason

    Nothing! Checkout the interview I did the other day with Nicolas Levi as proof. I like the Frenchies. I just thought they might have warned you off playing against me.

  4. DanM

    I don’t like the Frenchies, and I think they know it. Just about an hour ago, Benjo came up to where I have been hiding away writing today and said, “Dan, you must ate us.”

  5. Uncle Ray

    Smart move, Dan. Wait until I’m out of town before making it worth my while.
    Since I won’t be back until after the series is long over, I guess I’ll just have to point to next year’s “Season II”.

  6. DanM

    We are still waiting for word from GSN on whether or not they want to pick up the option

  7. SitNGoSteve

    Damn – I’m not sure I can handle the 2 day wait till I get there. What is the bowling equivalent of a “fish” or “donkey”?

  8. California Jen

    Well, a turkey in bowling is good, so that term doesn’t fit. Maybe a bass or a salmon?

  9. zach

    I’d like to bowl a game or 2 with ya Dan while I’m out here.