2008 Pokerati Bowling Series – Event 3

by , Jun 22, 2008 | 4:07 pm

As you might remember from earlier in the week, the Pokerati Bowling Series (PBS) gained a little momentum. The interest of several people the masses prompted another installment last night.

The Gold Coast was the place, and players included Dan, Karridy, SNG Steve, Short-Stacked Shamus, Ryan, and Cali Jen. Mean Gene came to sweat the second game after he finished covering a tournament at the WSOP. Since it happened to be a Saturday night, we played in the disco-lighting and surround-sound of the rock-n-bowl sort of environment, and while the music was entertaining, the bowlers around us were not so educated in the etiquette of the game – bowling out of turn and using our specially-chosen balls. (Comment as you will…) Still and all, it was a fun night!

SitNGo Steve rocked the first game with a 137, and Dan, Shamus, and I lagged behind.

The boredom of watching us massacre the first game allure of being part of the PBS prompted Karridy and Ryan to join by the second game. Steve kicked our asses again, but Karridy was a close second in the end. Shamus stepped it up with three spares and hit the 101 mark; he may subsequently be missing some days at the WSOP in order to feed his new addiction.

Next event may occur sooner than you think. This is becoming somewhat of an obsession.

8 Comments to “2008 Pokerati Bowling Series – Event 3”

  1. Bundas

    Well make sure you make us aware of when and where … I couldn’t pass up a shot of watching Dan and karridy Bowl… call me !

  2. Haley

    And here I am staying at the GC and you guys don’t even phone?


  3. California Jen

    Bundas, make sure Dan has your phone number.

    Haley, I’m so sorry! Promise I’ll call next time!

  4. DanM

    I guess this sorta thing is the purpose of Twitter?

  5. bundas

    I have given dan my # so many times but he never calls!! I fell like one of his my space girl friends.( After he tells them he is a Dr) This is when they give him there # and then Dan is to scared to call. But he will get on a beyond the table show and tell Tom and Karridy that he now has a girlfriend but forgets to tell them he has actually never spoken to her….. All this to hide the fact that he like to wear pink shirts hhmmm…..

  6. DanM

    Funny, because there’s a cute car insurance agent out there right now who might be agreeing with you completely, Bundas. But really, how can I call her and say, “Um, yeah, so I was wondering, uh maybe if you’re not busy … yeah, I was thinking, um, we could do dinner and drinks at the Poker Kitchen and Hooker Bar? How does Wednesday at 1 a.m. sound?”

    It’s kinda the same thing with bowling.

  7. Karridy

    This post should really have no comments.

  8. SitNGoSteve

    If you look closely – Karridy was beating me 101 to 66 after frame 5 (he had 4 strikes in the first 5 frames) – when I boldly declared that Karridy would get no more strikes and would choke away his lead to me. I hate being this good and soo right all the time.