2008 Pokerati Bowling Series – Event 4

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by , Jun 26, 2008 | 8:04 am

The other night was a get-together for drinks as an early celebration for Change100‘s birthday, and since we were enjoying the cheap drinks and laid back atmosphere of the Gold Coast, it was only natural to head up the escalator after midnight and take advantage of the graveyard $1 bowling. Little did we know that approximately 20 people would be interested in participating, and it was a blast!

The blog-happy crew with so much action spread across three lanes of fun included: Pauly, Change, Spaceman (and Mrs. Spaceman), Shamus (and Mrs. Shamus), Tuscaloosa Johnny, Haley, F-train, Dawn from I Had Outs, Benjo, CK, “Homer” and Stephane and “Roscoe” from PokerListings, and Las Vegas Pokeratizens 85Nutz and TBonezz.

It’s difficult to gauge who won. Sure, we could look at the scores, but let’s just say that there were no winners or losers, prop bets excluded, and that scores were meaningless in comparison to the bonding experience. (Work with me here, people!)

For the record, I will not be joining any pro bowling tour. That ship was never in the harbor has sailed. And Dan may be required to enroll in an anger management course to deal with his bowling emotions.

8 Comments to “2008 Pokerati Bowling Series – Event 4”

  1. zach

    well hell, I didn’t know about this night of fun!!!!!!! I feel left out. I’m gunna go cry now

  2. Bundas

    Ok Why didn’t I get a call Dan After event 3 I asked that you giver me a call

  3. DanM

    I sent you a text! the info i had in my phone was your sbcglobal email address, so that’s where it went to. But hey, a bunch of whiners is exactly whom we want to bowl with.

  4. Bundas

    Ok thanks Dan but i haven’t used that account since i left Dallas.

  5. DanM

    Send me an email. I know you’ve sent it to me before Joe, but I lose things sometimes. Get a lot of emails, ya know?

  6. Haley

    That photo is from the new dance, the Magic Michalski One-Stomp… errr, Step! Step!!

  7. Tuscaloosa Johnny

    Well we know who the Pokerati bowling champion was, don’t we?

  8. DanM

    Yes, funny how Jen just glosses over results on a day that she doesn’t whip ass in the 10th frame.

    The Spaceman vs. Tuscaloosa battle was one of the very best — you delivered when the time came, TJ, though I think Haley really would get the best of all of you in a big competition.