by , Jun 12, 2008 | 9:14 pm

What a great night at the WSOP!

First, Vanessa Selbst wins the Pot Limit Omaha tournament, then Daniel Negreanu wins the Limit Hold’em event. Wheee! (Sorry for the poker geek moment, but this is kinda fun.)

Honestly, what an amazing 2008 WSOP this has been so far… How many of these winners’ names do you recognize? More than not, I would think.

Event #1: Nenad Medic
Event #2: Grant Hinkle
Event #3: David Singer
Event #4: Erick Lindgren
Event #5: Michael Banducci
Event #6: Thang Luu
Event #7: Matt Keikoan
Event #8: Anthony Rivera
Event #9: Rep Porter
Event #10: Farzad Rouhani
Event #11: Phillip Tom
Event #12: Jimmy Shultz
Event #13: Duncan Bell
Event #14: Eric Brooks
Event #15: Svetlana Gromenkova
Event #16: Andrew Brown
Event #17: Jason Young
Event #18: Mike Matusow
Event #19: Vanessa Selbst
Event #20: Daniel Negreanu

6 Comments to “Awesome”

  1. DanM

    I got 9/20 …

    not counting names i became aware of during the tournament they won.

  2. Aaron

    Same for me, 9 out of 20.

  3. Jason B

    I’m waiting for the telecast, just to see Matusow run his chops on how great it is to win a bracelet after a 6 year drought.

  4. pcz

    GO Go Daniel 🙂

  5. mike g

    So what’s your point? That the rich are getting richer? Yay elitism!

  6. California Jen

    The point is that skill wins out over luck in the long run.

    And many of these well-known players are far from being the richest in the game. Popularity and tournament wins don’t necessarily equal riches when they don’t know how to manage or invest their money. This has nothing to do with the rich getting richer.