Fan of Dan

by , Jun 10, 2008 | 10:34 pm

Dan and Cali Jen ventured into the Rio casino for a dinner & business meeting at Rub BBQ. (Yes, there are jokes in the name of the joint. I won’t even get started…) And of course, the sausage plate, pictured here, couldn’t have been more phallic. Dan did take home my leftovers, for whatever that’s worth.

As we were walking back to the convention center after dinner, a young man stopped us in the hallway. “Dan Michalski from Pokerati?” Ahhh, a Dallas poker player who claimed to have been a fan of Pokerati for years stopped and asked me to take a picture of him and Dan. He said he had pictures with Barry Greenstein and Chris Ferguson, and Dan made that same list.

Dan has fans. Who knew? (I suppose this made me look important to be seen with him. Mental note: Be seen with Dan more often, but don’t get carried away with it.)

11 Comments to “Fan of Dan”

  1. Ed

    oh god that Mac-N-Cheese looks good! Ship me a container of it, please!!

  2. California Jen

    Mac & cheese was good, but mashed potatoes were better!

  3. Ed

    we call those taters out here. 😛

  4. DanM

    Beans were awesome, too. In fact …

    Pokerati restaurant review:
    Rub BBQ (at the Rio)

    Brisket tasty but not moist and flavorful like something cooked in a 40-year-old smoker. Pulled pork Carolina bitchin’! Cornbread … not so much. Sauce? Adequate. Overall left full and happy. Alley will love the leftovers.

    Food: [cards]9s 9c[/cards]
    Atmosphere: [cards]9h 9d[/cards]
    Service: [cards]7s 8s[/cards] (on the button, in a heavily limped-in pot)
    Price: [cards]Ah Tc[/cards]

  5. Michele Lewis

    I just saw the leftovers in a box. Looks better in the pix.

  6. Michele Lewis

    PS – It was not a dick in a box.

  7. DanM

    That’s cool, Michele, insult the present I offered …

  8. Ed

    Wow Dan..neat cards. Are those hearts/diaminds/clubs/spades? Hard to tell if that 78 is soooted. Need something that works better? 😛

    Edit: Ok..just Opera. The Suits show up ok in IE and Firefox. Want something that would work in all browsers? 🙂

  9. DanM

    Ed, you know I do — so long as they don’t break the lines vertically.

    Hey, why is everyone ignoring the fact that I am famous?

  10. Poker Shrink

    Did Jen actually write: “Be obscene with Dan more often?”

  11. California Jen

    Oh Shrink…

    Dan, I tried to make your fame the focus of the article, hence the title, but maybe this is old news for people? They already know you’re famous.