Gonzo Spot-News, Play-by-Play, and Color Commentary All Wrapped up in One

by , Jun 26, 2008 | 3:51 am

Not that we need to do extra pimping for Pauly here on Pokerati, but really, this $50k HORSE event is the one tournament that he theoretically could be providing better up-to-the-hour coverage than PokerNews. The event itself is exciting, of course, and it’s happening right below the press-box, so he can keep an eye on it without being on the floor. Now mix in the fact that there really aren’t that many tables … and presto, you’ve got something a single dude who has been preparing for this one event for months can cover old school — like it’s 2005 — with the skills and wisdom gained from three years of covering tourneys around the world. I mean he can’t keep up with the chip-for-chip hand stuff — and really, how pathetic are any the tens of thousands of you who really care about the finer details of an 8-or-better hand that may or may not be reported in full anyhow — but what Pauly can do that the frontline reporters can’t is see the poker forest through the $50,000 trees. Being hopped up on pharmies while observing from his slightly elevated press-box perch can lead to some interesting perspective(s) … add three weeks worth of repressed violence yet unleashed on fellow WSOPers, a general disregard for the opinions of anyone who doesn’t read his shit, and a little inspirational spark from the recent arrival of Otis, and I think and you’ve got a winner. My best move yet was hooking him up with a piece of the Donkey Bomber, because now , with all my hopes and dreams invested in 1 percent of Tom, I’ve guaranteed my ability to follow my horse in the HORSE start to finish. Seriously, with the hours the dude puts in, he must be on something …

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be following more detailed chip updates here and maybe even on PokerNews where I can chime in on their nifty Shoutbox. Heck, I might even pop in on the action myself on occasion … and California Jen can’t help but give you a few updates and a little extra insight while doing her real WSOP work … but in the interim, just thought Pokerati readers should know that even when sitting right next to Pauly I’ll probably be looking over his shoulder to see what’s really going on.

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