HORSES Off and Running

by , Jun 29, 2008 | 5:29 pm

The air at the ESPN stage is electric.

In many people’s opinions, the $50K HORSE event is the true poker championship tournament. Media is everywhere, security is tight, and the public is clamoring to get in. As evidenced by the sheer numbers of people who attempted to make their way to the audience chairs and the Milwaukee’s Best Light lounge with a view from above the stage, this was the big one. Each player some sort of contingent in the audience, and the fans had their favorites as well, and the excitement from them was contagious.

The start of the tournament was prefaced by a short ceremony involving the unveiling of the Chip Reese trophy to be awarded to the winner, and Chip Reese’s daughter was here, along with Chip’s best friend Doyle Brunson, to get it going. And the cards were dealt to kick things off…

As a reminder of the amazing tournament at hand, here are the final table players and chip counts:

Seat 1 Matt Glantz – 1,445,000
Seat 2: Huck Seed – 1,200,000
Seat 3 Patrick Bueno – 695,000
Seat 4 Lyle Berman – 1,430,000
Seat 5 Scotty Nguyen – 3,535,000
Seat 6 Barry Greenstein – 1,955,000
Seat 7 Michael DeMichele – 905,000
Seat 8 Erick Lindgren – 3,680,000

And a look at the payouts is in order:

1st place – $1,989,120
2nd place – $1,243,200
3rd place – $781,440
4th place – $568,320
5th place – $444,000
6th place – $355,200
7th place – $284,160
8th place – $230,880

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