Mekhi Phifer is Here; All is Well

by , Jun 1, 2008 | 1:05 pm

My World Series of Poker is complete.

Mekhi Phifer – actor, director, producer, hottie poker player – has entered the $1500 no-limit hold’em tournament. He does enjoy any opportunity to play poker, but he might have just used this as an excuse to be in the same room with me. Just a hunch.

And he flashed the peace sign when I snapped the picture. It’s a secret code; trust me.

Other things are happening here at the WSOP. People are playing cards, moving chips around, etc. I will try to take note of some of those things in between Mekhi stalkings sightings.

UPDATE: I just saw Mekhi leaving the building. No doubt being seated for some time next to Phil Hellmuth in full NASCAR gear hurt his game. Now he’s been eliminated from the donkament, and there is a certain sadness all around. Well, okay, just with me. I’m sure I’ll see him at the main event though, if not at another $1500.

2 Comments to “Mekhi Phifer is Here; All is Well”

  1. DanM

    ***It’s a secret code; trust me.***

    Murmur …

  2. DanM

    It should also be noted that he’s giving half of the poker-blogger gang sign/scissors.