No Chinese at the WSOP?

by , Jun 3, 2008 | 3:41 pm

You may think the price of gas is high (I filled my first $50 tank in my personal history of owning an automobile the other day) but that’s nothing compared to the price of Chinese Poker at the WSOP.

Weren’t we just saying last year how this was one of the hottest games going? Well apparently that was a problem … as WSOP cash games management has made the cost of playing highly prohibitive — a $50 per hour time charge. You’d think we’d be all up in the Chinese these days … not just because of the game’s growing popularity, but also because of the Olympics and everyone’s going ga-ga over Macau. The game is still technically being spread, but again, at that level of time charge, these games will be limited to players willing to gamble-gamble at $100/pt. or more.

Supposedly it has much to do with space — but there was an empty high-stakes cash table available at the time of our learning about this. (The 7-stud players joked about how at $25 a point, everyone would be broke within a few hours.) Gotta wonder if there might not be more to it — after all, there’s no shortage of whities (and even a few viets that I know) who accuse various Asian contingents of high-stakes Chinese Poker players (as opposed to Chinese poker players) of regularly violating the English Only rules and engaging in other forms of nefarious card play.

10 Comments to “No Chinese at the WSOP?”

  1. Lisa

    Maybe it’s because Robert and I would swear, seriously, that someone at the tables last year pooped their pants. I couldn’t even stand near the table without gagging. I think there’s a “no pooping your pants at the table” rule.

    If not, there certainly should be.

    Wow, aren’t you glad that just anyone can comment here?

  2. DanM

    If there were a no poop your pants rule, then Tom couldn’t play.

  3. Steve P

    Is there any other chinese poker anywhere in vegas?

  4. DanM

    Yeah, they’ll spread it as low as $5/pt at the Venetian.

  5. Ryan

    Why is this so popular? Chinese Poker = degenerate’s game.

  6. DanM

    I think you answered you own question there, Ryan.

  7. zach

    They don’t spread because the dealers complain of not making any tips, even though it’s the easiest game to deal.

  8. DanM

    Dealers always complain about not making any tips. Thought that was part of the job requirement at the WSOP.

  9. zach

    I know, everyone hypes there self up for big money but are shocked when they ship a 9 thousand pot and only get a buck.

  10. ItsOverJonny

    DEAR GOD – please do not start another tipping discussion. Dan, please auto-ban all posts about dealer tipping.