Cirque du Hellmuth

Poker musical called All In (go figure) takes Vegas stage

by , Jun 24, 2008 | 1:25 pm

When Wicked Chops let us know what they knew yesterday, they swore they weren’t “making this shit up.” They weren’t. A poker-based musical is set to pain us to the very core of our beings debut at the Rio during the World Series of Poker on July 4th and 5th.

(Disclaimer: I am not a fan of musicals – anywhere, anytime. As a part of the poker media, if I receive a free ticket, I will likely see it in the hopes of finding fodder for future Phil Hellmuth jokes. I’ll drink my way through it if need be.)

Jeffrey Pollack and Jennifer Harman have some nice things to say about All In: The Poker Musical. And strangely enough, so does Phil Hellmuth, on whom a character in the play is based. The story revolves around nine players at the final table of the WSOP main event. And evidently, they sing, as is so common at poker tables when millions of dollars are at stake.

For the love of all things ridiculous, please read the press release below:

World’s First Poker Musical to Debut During Main Event of 39th Annual World Series of Poker®

Famed Producer Tim Molyneux to Showcase Songs – Including New WSOP Theme Song – at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino

June 24, 2008 – All In: The Poker Musical will make its world debut in a special one-hour concert format July 4th and 5th at Masquerade Theatre in the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

On Thursday, July 3, the first day of the World Series of Poker Main Event, a special preview concert will be held at 7:30 PM for poker VIP’s, luminaries and media.

Created by Tim Molyneux, with support from Phil Hellmuth and the World Series of Poker, this is the first poker-themed musical and the first musical to be developed in conjunction with a leading sports brand. Echoing the core values and fabric that makes up poker players, this new genre of entertainment is a first for Las Vegas.

The story of All In: The Poker Musical revolves around the final nine players at the Main Event of the World Series Of Poker and, just like in the real WSOP, these players come from all walks of life. These clearly identifiable characters sing songs that are interlaced with poker analogies, quotes, and situations that also apply to the game of life.

“Through the lyrics of the songs and style of music, we see not only who these final nine players are, but we are able to see ourselves, our families, and our world,” said Phil Hellmuth, the 11-time WSOP bracelet winner and international poker icon.

Molyneux is a world-renowned creator of large-scale production shows, including Bite, which celebrates its four-year anniversary on the Las Vegas Strip this August. He has worked with Dolly Parton, Playboy, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and is currently featured on E! Entertainment Television and the Lifetime Channel.

The one-hour concert during the WSOP will feature a live band, showgirls and such Broadway show veterans as Jimmy Lockett (Big River, The Music Of Andrew Lloyd Webber, Starlight Express, Cats); Reva Rice (Starlight Express, Smokey Joe’s Café, Fosse, Chicago, and Spamalot); and Brandon Nix (We Will Rock You).

The show is fast paced, witty, sexy and fun. Molyneux’s music is as varied as the characters themselves with a mix of styles ranging from pop, country, rock, blues, jazz and musical theater.

“The game of poker is metaphor for the game of life,” said Jeffrey Pollack, WSOP commissioner. “Now one man’s vision and creativity will show us just how close they really are in this special concert.”

Hellmuth is a character in the show and has worked closely with Molyneux to help bring the poker player’s thinking and attitude to life on stage.

“Tim is known for writing very commercial material that is not only creative but sexy, hip and attainable for the masses, said Hellmuth. “His poker musical sings loudly that poker is for everyone and we are all in this special game and this world together.”

“Tim Molyneux has done what others have tried to do by capturing the global phenomena of poker by brilliantly tying it to one of the most powerful forces on earth…music,” said renowned poker pro Jennifer Harmon. “Poker is life and Tim shows us this in a very entertaining way.”

The WSOP has also chosen one of the songs from All In: The Poker Musical to debut during the Main Event of the 2008 WSOP. “All In: The Poker Musical really captures what the WSOP brand stands for and reminds us all that anyone can win and anyone can win on poker’s greatest stage,” said Pollack.

All In: The Poker Musical the world’s first poker musical. “Our show embraces the spirit of this great city and mixes it with the fun and passion of poker, music, and dance,” added Molyneux.

Tickets to “All In, The Poker Musical Concert” start at $29.95 and can be purchased at the Rio Box Office or by calling 702/777-7776 or visit or

14 Comments to “Cirque du Hellmuth ”

  1. Kevin Mathers

    How come I’ve got the feeling this was tied in with the decision to create the “November Nine”?

  2. Mean Gene

    Can’t they just build a big tank out in the Rio parking lot, fill it with water, throw in a shark, then have Hellmuth jump over it on a motorcycle?

    Who knows. Maybe it’ll be brilliant. Maybe it’ll transcend whatever it’s supposed to be transcending.

  3. Kevin Mathers

    Also, who’s Jennifer Harmon, does she know Clonie Gowan, Jennifer Tilley and Eric Lindgren?

  4. California Jen

    Would be nice if they spelled the name of the quoted person correctly, huh?

  5. Kevin Mathers

    Every time I read one of these press releases, I wonder what percentage of the quotes given were actually said by that person. My guess is somewhere in the low single digits.

  6. DanM

    I can’t believe you guys aren’t giving this musical a chance. I bet it’s only a matter of time before it makes it off-Broadway, on Broadway, and eventually back to Vegas (where all once-great shows come to die).


  7. California Jen

    Is anyone surprised that Dan is defending the musical?

  8. Ed

    Pink Shirts, living with asian men….musicals are pretty much the only thing left to confirm “it”.

  9. Tbonezz

    One more “lock” on the confirm “it”… Dan… you have to have a firm wrist to be any good at bowling 🙂

  10. DanM

    Actually, Sang was the one that liked musicals. Like really liked them. He can attest, I never watched one with him.

  11. Uncle Ray

    It really depends on the music. If they sing fall asleep Frankie “All the way” and that type of song, shoot me now!!

    But if they break into a little AC/DC “Another one bites the dust”, I’d go for the tunes. I wouldn’t need to pay attention to the story.

  12. Ed

    Uncle Ray, I think you are getting your songs mixed up with your artists. 🙂

  13. Uncle Ray

    I get mixed up a lot, Ed. The 70’s (and 60’s and 80’s, etc.)seem a little foggy.

    I used to be pretty good at remembering artists. Now I only think I can remember. The sad part is I got Frank right and Queen wrong!

  14. Anne Onimous

    Jen? What? No musicals at all? Not even Les Miserables? Not even Les Miz!? (wink)