Re: All In on Chan and a Draw

by , Jun 13, 2008 | 6:47 pm

So wow, apparently I am on a $300 freeroll now, for the All In Energy tourney July 1.

Heard a knock on my door early this morning. Look what I found:

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  1. Kevin Mathers

    Is that all 144 cans, just 3 boxes?

  2. olivert

    Dan M:

    Considering that Big Lots is selling 16 oz energy drinks for $0.60 a can, the 300 8-oz cans of All-in is worth about $90.

    You basically paid $210 to enter a tournament.

  3. donkey

    Dan, are you sure that you are guaranteed a seat in this freeroll? The way I was reading it, it looks like they are awarding seats to the top 1000 chip leaders, and chip counts are measured by how much AllIn drinks you buy. That explains for the $500k prize pool, because you are going to have more than 1000 people buying it to try to win seats, but only the top 1000 makes it. Along with pros and contest winners, 1400 will be in the tournament. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  4. Poker Shrink

    You know if you play three hours of Let It Ride at Silverton on Thursday morning, you get a free breakfast buffet at Texas Station any weekday and a free ornate creamery pitcher shaped like what is born every minute.

  5. CD poker no deposit

    Give me a few of them 🙂

  6. donkey

    I think they sent Dan a box of Ramen noodles (middle box)

  7. mike g

    Awesome! The bottled water with the stupid logo strikes again!

  8. pokah

    Could use a few of those :))