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by , Jun 9, 2008 | 5:02 am

Hmm, as much sense as it makes to award bracelets only in open events, this sorta change apparently isn’t up for review, according to Michele (who played yesterday under the Queen of Hearts charity banner):

Last night at the Queens of Heart dinner, Jeffrey Pollack made two announcements:

1. As long as he is WSOP Commissioner there will be a Ladies Event awarding a bracelet
2. No man would be allowed to register for the Ladies Event today

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  1. Pud's Poker

    What is the point of a woman’s only tournament? Isn’t it a tad condecending to women? If they have a woman only game why not a male only game, or a left handed player only game or other such nonsense?

  2. DanM

    Because if we had a men’s only game, there’d be less dead money. (Rimshot!)

  3. Uncle Ray

    I don’t understand the problem. College sports have REAL championships in both men’s and women’s categaories along with Division I, II I-a or whatever the many categories are.

    Golf not only has men and women but a SENIOR tour. That’s right, you whippersnappers, don’t come around playing agin’ the likes of me, and doggone it, my victory counts, even though you 45 year old kids weren’t allowed to play.

    Etc. etc.

    And you know what? These people get trophies and money and accolades and everything!!!

    In tennis, the women play at the major events, separately from the men, and still their major championships count as major championships.

    One of the purposes of having a women’s only event at the WSOP is to encourage more women to play, and since poker is so top heavy with men, that’s a good thing.

    One could argue that a WOMEN’S only game has LESS dead money, so it might be tougher to win!

  4. Evil Omaha Sharron

    I’m with Uncle Ray!

  5. son of sue

    Uncle, under your scenario, every event would have a mens only tourney and a womens only tourney. Women would not be allowed to play in the MWSOP Main Event (Men’s WSOP Main Event) and men would not be allowed to play in the WWSOP Main Event, there would be two HORSE events, two 7 card stud events, etc.

    Do you think thats the answer?

  6. Bundas

    Well I don’t really have an opinion on this but does it mean anything that card player is not reporting this tourney at all? I mean every other event has has some sort of coverage. If there not reporting they must feel it’s lees important. any thoughts

  7. tbonezz111

    Really people ??!! I for one am FOR anything that draws more action to tables . (that’s period!) Why we men would get so up in arms that a womens only or seniors only event takes place and gets a bracelet is beyond me. Maybe because there are so few things in our lives as men that we can’t obtain, it almost scares us to think “what would be next”. This isn’t the early 20th century anymore. If a woman is able to die for our country, run for office, be our boss, etc. you would think that we could accept this. I know already that some are thinking “they are the ones that want equal rights”…. yadda, yadda, yadda. Hey, as long as we can still have our “HE-Mens women haters clubs” why the hell not?? IT’S ONE EVENT PEOPLE… don’t we have other things to bitch about besides this one?! Besides…. when I sit at a poker table for hours upon hours I kinda like the view a little better with a couple ladies at the table 🙂

  8. Uncle Ray

    Thanks, bone. You are precisely correct. It IS one event, unlike the going to extreme scenario that SoS paints (which is NOT my scenario). The fact that men are excluded doesn’t make it any less prestigious, just like having it as a bracelet event doesn’t diminish the value of winning a bracelet.

    And the fact that men are excluded from one event doesn’t lead us to the conclusion that women should be excluded from another, or that one event being gender exclusive means that all events should be.

    Enjoy the view and the company, and if Jen is listened to, the civility of open events and, in a women only event, applaud the fact that they are getting recognized in a field that has so often excluded them in the past.

  9. son of sue

    I must have misunderstood your position, Uncle. Your example was that every sport played (tennis, golf, college sports) has both mens and womens champions. The only thing I could gather from that was you would be ok with every event having a mens champ as well as a ladies.

    My bad.

  10. Grunkzzz

    A women only event is bullshit women have been crying for decades maybe centuries about equal rights… I say give them what they want then tell them to shut up when they bitch about being treated the same as another guy…..

    With that said men and women are different and should be treated differently.